Robert Oster Signature Inks


Robert Oster Signature Inks, from his website:
“My great interest in fountain pen inks – and by extension inks that combine many creative applications – began with the birth of my love of fountain pens in 1989.
The contents and packaging of my Inks are all nature friendly
and the colours a genuine inventory of the Australian palette.
“Robert Oster Signature originates from one of the most famous wine
producing regions of the world, the Coonawarra district of South Australia,
an idyllic setting with great influence on the senses.
There is my inspiration. It’s a joy to share it with you.”

Newly uploaded, under construction…

His inks are non-toxic.  I have more Robert Oster inks
than any other brand. Why?  Because no other brand
has the spectacular mix of pigments within a color,
which gives even his simplest inks such beauty to with which to sketch and paint that it is a shame to waste them on writing!

His bottles are not the most beautiful, but I am happy
they are environmentally friendly bottles, created
from recycled chemical waste! This matters to me;
I started with fountain pens to stop the plastic pen trash.
I can get the fattest pen into them to refill on the go.
Yes, they are a bit tippy.  I don’t care.
His inks make up for all that.

Robert Oster does not use boxes.  As mine all go into the trash, I am happy not to cut down a tree for a box around a bottle!

I consider Robert the King of Blues… blue inks! 

Maybe because he is surrounded by gorgeous oceans, and maybe because
I am a beach gurl, but his blues are the most beautiful, and to many they look the same, but I even in similar inks I see differences when painting.

You’ll note that I haven’t many reds?
When you’ve found the perfect red (Fire Engine Red) then you stop looking!


Fire Engine Red, Sedona Red, Jade, Saguaro Green, Thunderstorm, Monsoon Sky, Midnight Sapphire, Melon Tea, Aussie Brown, Antelope Canyon.


Following are the BOTTLED inks for comparison.  Some might have been
reviewed (above).  I finally realized that I will be doing my explorations slowly,
partly due to how deep I go playing with a color, and partly because I work in our business 60 hour weeks!  I wanted you to at least see the inks I own and will be reviewing at some point, in the gorgeous manner of their washed colors.

Occasionally you will see two images for the same color.
This is because it is a color that changes by lighting so very much,
or you can’t see the sheen in normal light!

I photoshop for clarity, but do not change the color at all;
all samples are done on the same watercolor paper under the same lighting.

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