Sketchpack 2018

This year’s theme: Pen & Ink

This year my Sketchpack is to be all inked drawings
with a bit of water to move ink color. 

I almost passed on Di’s challenge but I always have a good time!

Making it simple, and all about
the ink, the mark, and water.
MOST sketches took 10-30 minutes;
if it took longer it was due to
waiting for layers of ink to dry.
No pencil but for a few sketches,
like the checkerboard Jinhao!

I added images of the actual pens in this grouping!

And then, I finished off the folded journal in Inktober 2018!.

Past years: 2015: MPF Conservation,
2016: My Practice.

   ABOUT SKETCHPACK PROJECT: The project began in 2011 to get folks to draw daily. The sketchpack is a small zigzag journal with two usable sides, allowing one to sketch on both sides of 15 ‘pages’ to complete the month of August. There was much enthusiasm and the project is now repeated yearly in August, with a Facebook page for us to share as we go along.  (The page is closed for viewing but you can join to play along!)
There is an Exhibition held in October at the Artsauce Studio in
Cape Town, South Africa of mostly local Sketchpacks!

w15 sketchpack opening

Drawn on Pentallic folding journals (2)
with pen and ink as named daily + water.

 ©D. Katie Powell.
My images/blog posts may be reposted; please link back  to dkatiepowellart.