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#WATWB: the Afghan Women’s Writing Project

For National Poetry Month, I decided to give a call out to this enlightening post for We Are The World blogfest! Hurry: A poem from the Afghan Women’s Writing Project We have such a short time to do this good … Continue reading

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A prayer for the Feminine, above, from ancient symbols. It is easy to point fingers at the other guys, especially when their hatred fills the airwaves. My encounter yesterday with a female peace activist out of the box immediately, screaming … Continue reading

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WATWB: Roy DeLeon

Roy DeLeon‘s stories are simple and mesmerizing, like a zen poem. Simple truth, compassion, reflection. His sketches are delightful. They bring a smile to my face, even when they are dealing with sorrow, because there is a message of compassion. … Continue reading

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Announcing We Are The World Blogfest!

Will you speak for peace?  Social media and news in recent times has been filled with hate and negativity. Just as you cannot fight darkness, only light lamps, hate and negativity cannot be fought. We will bring love and happiness … Continue reading

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Tools: Time to Dream

New Moon, a day of silence. Sundays I talk about tools, and the biggest tool is our own bodies and hearts and minds. (Why do I think this is so dang funny — oh wait — the English call people … Continue reading

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Endings and Beginnings

I started my new Nostalgie Sketch book. It is named Endings and Beginnings. I don’t usually name my sketchbooks but this one cried out to me. I started it during the dark of the moon. We just were making the … Continue reading

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Motherwell, Must Read

Two years ago, for the first time, I steeped myself in learning technique as a shortcut
with watercolor. My editor soon became in charge of my paintbrush.

When I first wanted to paint, over breakfast at the West Beach Cafe I asked
Billy Al Bengston whether I should go back to school for a MFA. He said, “Do you want to paint or teach?” and advised me to take the money I’d spend on college and take the
time off and buy cheap paint and canvas and go to it. I took his advice at 29.

Now at 60 it is time to unlearn and go back to my own screwy sense of whatever I want to play with and not think about being technically correct. It took me two years to undo what technical drawing did to me as a artist. Let’s hope this time I remember the path. Continue reading

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