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Tools: Watercolors, 8, Primateks

When I painted with acrylics (above) I was in love with the textural qualities of Golden Acrylics: ground hematite, sand, metallics.  I mixed and pushed them to create textural patterns on both huge canvases and small paper sketches.  It was … Continue reading

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Color is Not Enough

Sometimes I start with color… I think color will be enough, because I am mad for color… But color is never enough. There is the line, and it has a lot to say. Because you can’t read my handwriting: Playing … Continue reading

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My other job….

I am also a conservator, and we have the charge to recreate the first flag of the State of Washington.  I will be creating the painted medallion on the flag, and doing the hand stitching (endless), and Mitchell is recreating … Continue reading

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Ganesha and Matteo Grilli’s Paints

Sometimes I try small handmade paint companies. I took a chance on Aussie painter and paintmaker MatteoGrilliArt handmade paints! and liked his so much I ordered more! LOOK AT THOSE COLORS!!!! Intense pigment, beautiful, not as creamy smooth as a … Continue reading

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In place of Tools: Black and White

No post on tools today, but two cool interviews to share: Robert Gamblin and others from Gamblin paints interviewed by Savvy Painter And a very interesting read (or I thought so) by Robert Gamblin on Getting the Right White. And … Continue reading

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Tools: Brushes

I use cheap brushes, a LOT.  I don’t want to buy hair. I’m not a vegetarian, but am particular about how what I eat (and use) is killed, and don’t want to kill a critter for my brush — too … Continue reading

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Tools: Organizing Studio Watercolors

My studio paints were overflowing from my big 30-years-old Prismacolor tin into a QoR watercolor  tin.  I hated the QoR tin.  The rounds which you think would be great for watercolor mixing but they made the tin so it flips … Continue reading

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