Bean Recipes

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I’m a fanatic… heirloom beans are the best things!
Why did I wait until the pandemic
to try Rancho Gordo’s heirloom beans?

Of course, they are not the only
people that grow and sell them…
The farmers markets have them,
but they look a little funny sometimes,
(fava beans still in the pods) and
I didn’t know what to do with them…

Thankfully, you can get them from
Rancho Gordo through mail order,
and they are the best beans in the world!
** S0metimes you have to wait —
give them your email —

and they tell you when a fresh crop is up! **
Now I see them, which proves
the Universal Truth that
only when you are looking for good beans will you be able to see good beans!

Anywho, I started my journey during the pandemic and
we will be eating beans until the end of our days!

This page links you to my recipes…
This page shows my journey of falling in love with beans.
I’m not a pro, just enthusiastic
and like to make art about what I am enthusiastic about…
Rancho Gordo has Cooking Basic Beans in the Rancho Gordo Manner
and during the pandemic I had to improvise, so my recipes are a bit different,
more one pot meals, and not as pretty.
I am looking forward to the day when we can go to the market
and pick up whatever we need and come home and cook it up… what freedom!

Always organic or non-GMO, humanely raised. It matters!

Rancho Gordo White Lima Beans

Rancho Gordo Eye of the Goat Beans

Rancho Gordo Cassoulet Beans, the First

Rancho Gordo Best Cassoulet Beans, the Second

The other day I added a chopped sweet potato to this mix in the last 45 minutes.
Sweetened it in a good way, another option.

Rancho Gordo Yellow Eye Beans

My only failure, but I learned a lot… mostly that soaking Rancho Gordo beans really speeds up their cooking time and so my beans didn’t have time to cook their
pot liquor down.  They were still good because I served them in different ways.

Rancho Gordo Santa Marie Pinquitos

These beans smelled like fresh grass when I opened the bag. Now I am smelling ALL my bags — but so far none have smelled like these!  Heaven in a bag!

Rancho Gordo Flageolet Beans

Rancho Gordo Ayocote Morado Beans

Rancho Gordo Midnight Black Beans

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Bean Recipes BRG*
(*Before Rancho Gordo*
but can be adapted!)

Hot Blackened 2-Pepper Beans and Rice

Chicken Curry with Great Northern Beans

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