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This blog is all about art, upcoming classes, and creativity.  And I write for other blogs!

  • I’m an Urban Sketcher, and write for the Portland Urban Sketchers.
  • zenkatwrites  is about writing, Buddhism, heart issues and sometimes about art.
  • katwritesfood is about organics and GMOs and recipes, and is illustrated with my art!
  • and as a conservator of historic objects, I write for mpfconservation (and sometimes illustrate posts!)

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Goulet Pens: If it has to do with pen and ink, I buy here 99% of the time.  They stand behind their products.  I do not buy from eBay unless I KNOW the person selling — I’ve been burned three times.
Favorite workhorse fountain pens: Platinum Carbon, Lamy Al-Star or Joy; Metropolitan
Fountain pens:
Brush Pens:
is my second go-to site for pens.

Daniel Smith Watercolors, which I buy from Merriartist.  Ships free and fast at $90.  I try always to buy from people who know their product, and support smaller businesses.

Watercolor Journals:  Very personal discussion.  I prefer hard bound (not softcover or wirebound), and prefer A5 or A4 landscape.  Moleskin’s have been my favorite until I found Hahnemühle’s Watercolour Book.  At this time I can’ only find them online through Amazon but hopefully soon.  Better paper than Moleskin.  S&B does not make a style I love though their paper is great.  I’ve had failures with Pentalic’s splitting open a few pages in (even the new and revised one).  My European friends swear by Fabriano but in the USA the paper is not great.  Handbook is so-so.

Favorite Sketchbooks — not watercolor…
OE or OKINA NOTEBOOKS (my favorite journals, also known as Cadic) at WetPaint.    I try always to buy from people who know their product, and support smaller businesses.
IF WetPaint stops carrying them Flax may, or
Bud Felson  505-310-3746
Hahnemühle Grey Book I can’t wait until they can be found here in the USA.  Nice pen-friendly grey paper.  Very cool looking compact bound journal that can take light washes.

Golden Acrylic Paints, the ONLY acrylic paint I will buy.  So many others are inferior.  I buy at Merriartist or WetPaint.  I try always to buy from people who know their product, and support smaller businesses.

Gamblin Artist Colors (Oils), which I buy at Merriartist or WetPaint.  I try always to buy from people who know their product, and support smaller businesses.

Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 4.0 International License, which you can learn more about by visiting the site.  HOWEVER:

If you find your work is being used on the internet in an inappropriate manner: “the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) gives you another option. Enacted in 1998, the DMCA implemented treaties signed at the 1996 World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Geneva conference. It addresses many issues, one of which affects photographers directly in this situation. The DMCA states that while an Internet Service Provider (ISP) is not liable for transmitting information that may infringe a copyright, the ISP must remove materials from users’ websites that appear to constitute copyright infringement after it receives proper notice. Unlike other copyright infringement remedies, your copyright does not have to be registered with the U.S. Copyright Office for you to take advantage of this DMCA provision.”

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For blogs and pages I recommend, check out my LINKS below:


Handprint, a guide to painting, paint pigments, mixing paints, color theory.  All kinds of great info, a degree in color all by itself.

Jane Blundel is a wonderful blog to follow if you love color.  She is the master watercolor mixer!

301h8uoMarc Taro Holmes has two: Tarosan (enlivening, edgy, interesting blog) and Citizen Sketcher (more on urban sketching . . . )  GREAT teacher.

I never miss a post of Tracey Fletcher King’s!  Funny, funny blogger and wonderful water-colorist, her Teacup Project is inspiring.  Wonderful watercolor classes and Linocut Classes.

Teoh Yi Chie posts on Parka Blogs, interviews artists and has great product reviews.

DSC09569 dtlGwenn Seemel  Amazing acrylic artist.  But really, her blog is the best!   Portland Portraits, Crimes Against Nature and more. . . .  Very helpful in marketing too.

Don’t forget my own site!  D.KatiePowellArt

Paulus Beresohn’s vimeo on making journals will move your soul:  Soul’s Kitchen

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GROUPS AND WHATNOT (and I am big on no discrimination,
so these welcome men and women):

Artists Journal Flickr Group  If you love journaling, this is a great page.

Tibetan Book of Proportions  A page that begins to show the “rules.”

paint party friday 4120Craft Emergency Fund (for artists who lose their studios through disaster.)

Blog hops and challenges.  They can be fun if you like connecting with lots of other artists, or if you want a challenge.  Fun blog hops/challenges:

Paint Party Friday


W14 7 1 one book banner


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  13. Alison M says:

    Thanks so much for the info on where to get Okina notebooks! Love them and have been looking everywhere 🙂


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