VSW: Taos

I always thought I’d be finishing this with watercolors,
but this year has been a doozy and so I am finally choosing to publish
the inked drawings of a lovely walk with Virtual Sketchwalk.

We walked all over Taos and I choose two areas.
The first are from the Milicent Rogers museum.

I took liberties and juxtaposed statues with a view of the courtyard.
I ended up loving the various ways my photography of the statue looking
over her shoulder presented different feelings.

The Native American statue in the hoop is actually far outside the complex,
not dancing on top of the building!

The other area I choose was the Taos Pueblo.

I went for a sweeping view of it from afar
and a detail of it, sketched from a photo by Fran Graciotripp.

You can see how I draw with the idea of topping with watercolors.
I tend toward simple lines with watercolors
being the addition that gives depth and texture.

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VSW: Vista House

As I move back into posting,
I will start with the pages I was drawing of the Vista House,
below, when my mom died.
(Not ready to write about that yet.)
I don’t think we ever went there, though maybe when I was a kid on a trip north.

The image, top, was drawn with KWZ Foggy Green.
KWZ is a lovely ink that moves in unusual ways when touched by water.
There is not a lot of control, you have to just move and play with the ink as you go.

The other lovely changling ink I am playing with is Robert Oster Purple Jazz.
It looks grey when you line it (unless the line is a broad tip)
but when you move ti with water it goes blue and pink and grey!

I love these moody inks!

These images were shared images from google,
which many peeps sketched as part of our Virtual Sketchwalk group.

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Workspace Voyeur: Desktop Diaries

I am a workspace voyeur…
I was sent this YouTube video on Oliver Sacks Desk,
and what is even better, it is a series.
Desk Porn.

Back to watching…

Many of us spend more waking hours at our desk than anywhere else. Writer and neurologist Oliver Sacks explains what his desk means to him in the first in a series of Desktop Diaries. From lumps of metal to lemurs, Sacks describes some of his treasures, his preferred method for writing his books and why he takes comfort in dense metals.

For writer Michael Pollan, the contents of his refrigerator is often on the forefront of his mind: “I do think about food a lot, and if I’m distracted it’s with thoughts of what’s in the fridge.” In the latest installment of our Desktop Diaries video series, we’ll take you into the home office (and garden) of the famous food and nature author to see how edible ornamentations can sometimes provide inspiration.

“Someone described my office as an eight-year-old’s daydream,” says Jill Tarter, astronomer and the inspiration for the character in Carl Sagan’s “Contact.” As the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute’s first employee, Tarter has accumulated E.T.-themed office ornaments for the last thirty years — including a bottle of wine only to be opened “only upon detection of Extraterrestrial signal.”

Many of us spend more time at our desks than anywhere else. Theoretical physicist and futurist Michio Kaku takes us on a tour of his office, where he writes his bestsellers and records his radio shows. The futuristic 1950s TV show Flash Gordon jump-started his interest in science. Watching it as a kid, Kaku realized that it was the problem-solving scientist, not the chiseled crimefighter Flash, who was really the hero. Originally published May 20, 2011.




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Death in the Family

My mom died December 1.
I have something to say, but not yet, and
have work to continue and so am keeping to that and writing
and such until after this new moon.

I was working on the piece above while she was dying…
and have much more to say about that too.

Soon… xo dk


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A Frightening Week

Dear Friends: This blog post has peeps writing with concern.
Know that the cats are okay,
and we took five full days and unplugged and slept.

Now back to the proper blog post!

Without knowing what was coming this week, I wrote the above.

It was a big week.  We had a solid week of moving the horses and other decorative elements from the Jantzen Beach Carousel into our studio…
a harried move, with many things to coordinate, and of course the potential for damages!

Then my 96-year-old mom broke her femur… no easy answers there.
Over the next four days while we were moving the carousel, I had her on my mind as well.

Then the fires in California and family and friends…
Stress and worries and checking in all week.

Monday morning we thought that Hari had gotten into a pill that had been crushed under my chair wheels…  One that could kill him or make him very sick at least.
This after we are so so SO careful!

It was a harrowing day and I had to fight to ask for advice  from our vet’s office;
ER overnight, what?
Gotta say that we are trying to resolve that issue now so we have confidence in the office.
The point of having a vet is they know you and the animal
and you are not walking into emergency unless it is necessary…

Hari-Orson-Smells is okay.  Thank the gods and goddesses!
*Orson Smells is one of his other names as he is voracious eater
and has the smelliest bowels ever…*

The next day was the first day of the carousel move.
When we came home we were supposed to take Hari for a last blood test.

However, Yaman was listless, would not eat, was not himself.
We went to take him in Hari’s place for the same blood test,
just in casethough it was unlikely he had also been near the crushed pill
and they didn’t have the appointment with the technician scheduled for Hari,
his last follow blood test for poison!
This after they had confirmed it via phone, we’d discussed it three times, etc., etc.

Worse, they would not honor it even when one of them remembered the conversations.

FIVE HOURS LATER and an ungodly amount of money
he was seen at Dove Lewis, a good ER place in NW.
His blood test came back negative, thankfully.
I am thankful for them, but it is not an easy place to go —
I mean, think human ER… not fun.
Triage is in place, some very sad cases around us,
and Yaman was not at the top of the list to be seen…

I am still not happy with the vet’s office — though I love our actual vet.

Mitchell stayed home with him the next day —
Between our families and the fires in So Cal and
my mom’s surgery and Yaman we flipped a coin…
Yaman is most comforted by Mitchell.
I did the second day’s move of the carousel… we traded off late afternoon
when it was time for a half-dozen horses to come back to the studio.

Yaman is back to his yackity yackity meowy self
really he talks all the time and has to follow us everywhere…
We think a toy that used beans come apart and he ate a dry bean.

That night he sat on my old journal and was his content self.

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USK: My Birthday Pen Changed…

I returned my red Karas Kustom pen —
I didn’t like the stub nib on their pen, and I love stubs so back it went.

This is the new pen that Mitchell bought me to replace it.
Edison Nouveau Tequila Sunrise.  She is so beautiful!
Even better, she writes like a dream!

Mitchell tried it and made OMs…

The last post was also using her
I took her out for a spin before the leaves dropped in October.
Yes that is how behind in my postings I am… argh!
Gurl’s gotta work sometimes.

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USK: The Old Police Stable

I love the old buildings of Portland.
I am sorry that the developers here do not have the ingenuity of the California developers, especially in the Bay Area or Cannery Row, where they saw how
some of the history would make for amazingly lovely buildings,
make them come alive, make the wharf development more interesting.

Maybe they don’t get out much.

This is one of these areas.  We drive by it all the time.
This dufus developer is taking down the old building
that housed the police horses, and before that, I believe it was a mill.
Some of it is gone already.
He could have done some high-rise around the old buildings, turning one
into a skate rink and the other shops… would have been great.

Glad I was able to sketch it before it was gone altogether.
Ink painting.  No watercolors.

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