Since the beginning of the year, I’ve painted more with them,
and acquired many bottles of ink…  I began dropping a lot of ink in one corner
then drawing it down with water after it dried.
I’m fascinated by how they move and had a life of their own —
even more than watercolors, which you can have some “control” over.

This lead me to find another way to test my inks… specifically for artists…
that is what I am going to be doing over the next few months, sharing my experiments with each ink I own, exploring how it will work for ink painting.

These pages are showing the inks I’ve reviewed in depth, and the samples.
I will link you and allow you to compare inks by color, but also lets you see the inks of a certain company so you can see their review.

Well behaved, meaning neither dry nor wet,
and has enough body to not feather on a Post-it!

I may sometimes compare ink colors to water color, and refer to teh Muncell System.
To understand more about this system and others,
go to these two amazing wonderful references pages:

Soon to populate; under construction!

Inks by Maker

Inks by Color