I try to make marks each day, in ink or watercolor or acrylic.

When something strikes me as interesting visually or grabs at my heart,
it often ends up in a sketchbook.
The difference is now I share them on a blog.

Sometimes a place or cause strikes my fancy.
I am placing these special causes, and my finished journal posts,
along with my formal portfolio links, under this page.
I sell originals, prints, and take commissions.
I also have a page for Challenges!

W15 12 1 RO CELEBRATION ROOM BANNERRestore Oregon Celebration Dinner 2015

W15 12 2 RO ENDANGERED PLACES A 021 BANNERRestore Oregon 2015: Endangered Places 2016

W14 10 22 WA CAP SYMMETRY BANNERWashington State Campus

All my Hahnemühle Post Cards!

As I finish Journals I will list those pages here!

EDIM 2017
Every Day in May, 2017.

NaSkeFiMo, or Fill Up The Journal and Be Done with It!
A Strathmore Journal I really did not like… finished!

Nostalgie 5 2017
Heavenly Journal…

Sketchbook Project 2017
I participated in the Brooklyn Sketchbook Project, Fear and Hope.

Hahnemuhle Nostalgie Journal 11/2017
Love this journal, not watercolor paper but can take a lot of water…
Ended in roughly November 2017

Fabriano A4 11/2017
Hated this journal — pilling paper — but persisted because
I had some drawings I wanted to keep.  I finished!

Hahnemuhle Nostalgie Journal 10/2017

This journal started in Diwali, and continued to just after the New Year.
I anticipated that it would be about light and ritual and women…
There was instead a good deal of unanticipated loss.
I withheld many pages from this public forum
(though I have no problem with friends flipping through my journals)
because I documented the struggle of personal losses and deaths.
My antidote, however, is to paint cheerful things.
That is the story my journal reveals.
Colorful items, beloved memories — a visual gratitude defying the
sadness and craziness of our country and the horror of the stories.
If I didn’t practice gratitude I do not know how I’d make it.

Lojong and Tonglen Study Journal 1

A Lojong/Tonglen Journal in process, which I am bringing over
from my other blog, and will add to until I finish.

To purchase originals or prints on D.KatiePowellArt

©D. Katie Powell.
My images/blog posts may be reposted; please link back  to dkatiepowellart.


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