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Tools: Brushes

I use cheap brushes, a LOT.  I don’t want to buy hair. I’m not a vegetarian, but am particular about how what I eat (and use) is killed, and don’t want to kill a critter for my brush — too … Continue reading

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Tools: Hahnemühle Post Cards

Okay, I admit it… I bought these for the TIN. My studio paints are overflowing into lots of little tins, and I loved the flowers on these tins and the size.  (How I used these tins and organized my paints … Continue reading

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Tools: Daniel Smith Watercolors

What do you do when you have the flu? Sick, fuzzy-brained, I was seduced by the new line of Daniel Smith watercolors! I say seduced because I did not do what I should have, which is check the the Munsell … Continue reading

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Abstract Word Four

More words…. Fluid Cold Press papers, shellac, Lamy Al-Star with Diamine ink (blue), Golden acrylics.         ©D. Katie Powell. My images/blog posts may be reposted; please link back  to dkatiepowellart. ☾ As my Patreon supporter, you will have access to some … Continue reading

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Tools: Favorite Journals

NOTE: This is about my preferences and why. Other artists will have other preferences, so reading what they like and what they say about this or that journal is good. The only negatives I will write are very bad experiences…. … Continue reading

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Tools: Sketching Bag, the Saga Continues

Some of you know that I wanted to rid myself of the color of my beige sketch bag, as I am not a beige-kinda-gurl, and had one failed experiment with De Atramentis Document Turquoise ink. The ink never-ever stopped coming … Continue reading

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Mimi, from “My Family” Series

I’ve spoken about the series on My Family I created for a year-long study group with Brugh Joy.  One of my favorite paintings from the series is of my grandmother, Lyle Genevieve Smith.  I was the last grandchild, and so … Continue reading

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