Process: Painting With Artist’s Prompts

Today I played with artists from Community Thrive, painting their way.  I didn’t like all that I did, but will show you the “failures” too.  The thing about classes is two-fold, assuming you are pretty good at making art:

  1. I am pushed outside my boundaries to try something that a friend/teacher does, which I find often results in picking up a bit of this or that which is eventually owned and incorporated into my own style.
  2. If I am stuck in any way (blocked) — which is rare, but more on that another time — doing what I am told will unblock me!  This is also the fun of challenges.
  3. I get to make bad art too, and that tells me what I don’t want to do next time.  Paper is expendable . . .
W14 Mystele Wakley 1

She’s not too bad. . .

I had an image I didn’t like, and had tried Mystele Kirkeeng‘s class from another day, and in desperation to save the under-drawing (my brown watercolor details came out dark as night in a blob) I just took water and a fat brush and scrubbed it.  It’s not my favorite, but I don’t hate it anymore, due to the influence of Mystele and Dina Wakley (who suggested faces.)  I don’t usually play with faces at all, and played with two today, both on throw-away papers.

W14 Dina Wakely Horses 3

Galloping Horses detail. . .

Then I tried Dina Wakley‘s process, changing things as I wanted.  I didn’t have the supplies she suggested.  This one was a lot of fun, using my hands to move the acrylic inks (I have always used my hands) and sewing on a machine (aaack!) and writing and and and: fun, lose, lines, yay!  I used my beloved horses!

W14 House Wakely Bird 5

Rainbow Bluebird!

Then Jeannette House had a bird she wanted painted, but I still had Dina Wakley in my head, so while I will try Jeanette’s bird her way, I also did it in the spirit of loose and bright and made-up!  Fun, lose, lines, yay!



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3 Responses to Process: Painting With Artist’s Prompts

  1. bevlangby says:

    Hi Katie, I agree with your 3points totally….classes are what have made me grow as an artist , I always say if you take one thing away it’s worth it….I love all the work above, I’m drawn to messy ,scribbly loose art more than precise detailed art….you stepped out of your comfort zone and are unsure of the outcome….keep at it , I honestly like them all….
    Cheers Bev


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