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Abstract Word Four

More words…. Fluid Cold Press papers, shellac, Lamy Al-Star with Diamine ink (blue), Golden acrylics.         ©D. Katie Powell. My images/blog posts may be reposted; please link back  to dkatiepowellart. ☾ As my Patreon supporter, you will have access to some … Continue reading

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Tools: Sketching Bag, the Saga Continues

Some of you know that I wanted to rid myself of the color of my Harbor Freight beige sketch bag, as I am not a beige-kinda-gurl, and had one failed experiment with De Atramentis Document Turquoise ink. The ink never-ever … Continue reading

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Process: Mixing Hematite Paints

New color paints are the yummiest, and my new clean watercolors all moist from a spray call to me. After buying mostly Golden Acrylics for 15 years (and they have watercolors coming out which I am dying to try), I … Continue reading

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U is for Ultramarine: A-to-Z Challenge

Ultramarine blue is one of those amazing electric colors that you want to fall into.  I first fell in love with the crayola color, then Golden Acrylic’s Ultramarine Blue Deep Hue.  It was my go-to blue! Ultramarine blue was originally … Continue reading

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R is for Repurposing: A-to-A Challenge

I stumbled on this and after starting, thought, why not do it as a mini class?  A friend sent me a fridge magnet, and while I was popping it onto our fridge, I realized we had a couple of old … Continue reading

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M is for Mistakes: A-to-Z Challenge

It’s a cautionary tale. I tend to jump right in and not think about chemistry (which I was pretty good at) when it comes to paints and shellac and all kinds of wet colorful things. When I was first painting … Continue reading

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H is for Hematite: A-to-Z Challenge

I had long used Golden Acrylic’s Micaceous Iron Oxide, part of their Iridescent colors, straight out of the tub or in glazes, shown above.  It is this delicious heavy shimmering charcoal in  a pot.  In Horse with Red Ball, above, … Continue reading

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E is for Environmentally Friendly: A-to-Z Challenge

I’m talking toxicity versus environmentally friendly and how to read labels.  Above are three labels: Golden’s “AP Nontoxic”, Gamblin’s information label stated clearly, and an older tube of Cotman Cadmiun Red that shows a Health Label requiring no labeling (again, … Continue reading

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