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My other job….

I am also a conservator, and we have the charge to recreate the first flag of the State of Washington.  I will be creating the painted medallion on the flag, and doing the hand stitching (endless), and Mitchell is recreating … Continue reading

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A visit to Gamblin Paints

NOTE: This is from our MPF Conservation website but thought that some of you might enjoy!  I am reproducing the first Washington State Flag for the DAR. I might’ve struggled through and trail and error and testing on many phases, … Continue reading

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A Change in Posting

As I move along for the next couple of months my posting habits will change: I have a PAINTING project in our business that is in oil paint. The DAR is commissioning a formal reproduction of the Washington State Flag. … Continue reading

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Our Antique Burro Chair, Monterey Style

I started out to do a little post on painting one of our chairs. Then I realized I was posting about a chair I had also painted — so figured I should post about both restoration, painting the chair and … Continue reading

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U is for Ultramarine: A-to-Z Challenge

Ultramarine blue is one of those amazing electric colors that you want to fall into.  I first fell in love with the crayola color, then Golden Acrylic’s Ultramarine Blue Deep Hue.  It was my go-to blue! Ultramarine blue was originally … Continue reading

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G is for Granulating: A-to-Z Challenge

I had no idea what granulating paint was until I began using watercolors.  And you have to know or you get wonky things happening that you didn’t want, like the funny paint around Frank’s nose, below.  Notice how most of … Continue reading

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E is for Environmentally Friendly: A-to-Z Challenge

I’m talking toxicity versus environmentally friendly and how to read labels.  Above are three labels: Golden’s “AP Nontoxic”, Gamblin’s information label stated clearly, and an older tube of Cotman Cadmiun Red that shows a Health Label requiring no labeling (again, … Continue reading

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