WWM: Day 29, Journal painting

*Warning, this is not a happy post!
A roller-coaster ride is more accurate.*

All through World Watercolor Month I’ve been writing like I haven’t in years.
I had so much to be upset about, and then on the heels of that there were
some lovely wins and ideas and the whole month was a roller-coaster.

Early in the month Mitchell made this observation
when we were discussing evil in the world:

“In this world both angels and demons whisper
thoughts within the sanctuary of our minds…
It depends upon our hearts to what voices we listen
and upon what thoughts we choose to act.”

That was followed a bit later in the day by a quote from Lama Tsultrim Allione:

“A collective demon can become a raging force in which individual people function like cells in the demon’s body.  The monster takes on a life of its own, and individuals may not even realize how they have helped to create the monster.  As both history and contemporary life so tragically underscores, collective demons can lead to genocide and other horrors that ordinarily would be unimaginable.”
Feeding Your Demons, Tsultrim Allione

This offers some explanation for why so many have lost their minds and are being dragged around by various news outlets instead of thinking about what their values are and whether they want to dance to the push from corporate news.

This sadness I’ve been feeling between issues with my mom and the loss of the Endangered Species Act and the reintroduction of the USA allowing elephant and other animals to be shot and killed for their parts and the decimation of our National Park System and the lack of caring about global warming and overfishing and the reintroduction of serious pesticides again (shame on you California) and and and…
(I mean really, does anything matter once we’ve screwed the planet royally
and cann0t breath and life as we know it is gone?)

Anyhow, I keep coming back to the Lennon and Maisy song (below) and finally wrote the lyrics in my journal as a happy marker, because I have the best husband.

I experimented with colors in this journal as I am embarking on a new venture soon…
Will tell you as soon as possible!

And then more writing, more pages, a book filled in a month…
inspiration and sadness and the whole chaotic mix!

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“Paint as you like and die Happy!*”

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©D. Katie Powell.
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*Henry Miller, who also was a watercolorist!

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5 Responses to WWM: Day 29, Journal painting

  1. loisajay says:

    I love Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros! I have two of their CDs. Fun story: Several years ago, my son was at the airport and this group of musicians were jamming while waiting for the plane. My son recognized them and went over to talk with them. Said they were a very fun and amiable bunch.


  2. we all feel that pain… love


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