Tools: Hahnemühle Post Cards

Okay, I admit it…
I bought these for the TIN.
My studio paints are overflowing
into lots of little tins, and I loved the flowers on these tins and the size.  (How I used these tins and organized my paints are for another day, but
I am liking how it worked out!)

I found I loved the size/shape of the Hahnemühle Post Cards as I began playing with the paper, 250 gsm rough texture.  I’m not a fan of the rough texture; I prefer Britannia 300g/m2 hot or cold pressed (review coming).
I long for cards in cold pressed instead of rough, but I like the challenge of working with texture and am starting to enjoy the texture on these.

They take everything I can throw at them.  IF I’d known what I was throwing at this postcard when I started the flower, I would’ve taken pics.  Under layer of Viridian
and Quin Yellow, then Amazonite and a sloppy wet layer of New Gamboge… the paper started to curl!  Then a layer of a mixed red, and a final layer of mixed brown.
Topped with another layer of ink and White Pitt Pen…

Paper curling IS a problem with tons of wash, but its a small one.  The Ganesha above I sprayed to move the Tobacco ink sketch, and it curled.  I haven’t cut a good base, but the paper behaves when it is clipped.  If you don’t or can’t clip it when you are working it, AFTER it is dry, turn it over and clip then brush with water and let it dry.  It straightened out the teabag art and the Easter colored tulips below, which curled!

I’ve used UHU glue for teabag art,
topped with washes, watercolor, and inks!

Looking forward to when Hahnemühle products are everywhere in the USA!

My first Hahnemühle Post Cards are ready to send for
Easter (mom gets pastels) and thank you and love notes to Mitchell!

w16-watercolor-sq   w15-inks-sq  w16-8-10-pentalic-middle-night-03-sq  w16-9-24-pens-color-3-sq  w15-ds-paints-sq

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4 Responses to Tools: Hahnemühle Post Cards

  1. What a nice idea. I would sold on the tin alone for the postcards.


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