Tools: Sketching Bag, the Saga Continues

Some of you know that I wanted to rid myself of the color of my beige sketch bag,
as I am not a beige-kinda-gurl,
and had one failed experiment with De Atramentis Document Turquoise ink.
The ink never-ever stopped coming off on my hands and everything else no matter what
salt-vinegar-wuujuu magic I did, and after letting it dry two weeks.

Undaunted, I bought another beloved $11 tool bag from Harbor Freight.
I mean, I love this bag because it holds an A4 Moleskin easily plus pens and brushes and watercolors and my wallet, and sits flat on the floor.  I may have to add shoulder strap someday, but for now, it doesn’t get better than this.

Except the color…
See, beige.  No color at all.

This time I went the safe route, buying Rite Dye in Marigold… ROTFL at that name for the insipid color it became even though I doubled the amount for this itty-bitty bag.

Disgusting weird yellow. 

W16 8 marigold bag 03Yes I should have taken a picture but I was so annoyed,
but at least you can see the color on the inside of the bag… sort of a dirty sallow yellow!

W16 8 marigold bag 02W16 8 marigold bag 01Finally I brought out the Golden Dairylide Yellow Acrylic Paint and Golden’s GAC,
which helps it become fabric friendly.  I sponged the entire outside of the bag with the paint, and let it dry.  It is still a bit stiff, but it is not coming off, and I like the color.

LOVE the color, actually!
And it holds my Moleskin!

W16 8 marigold bag 04


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18 Responses to Tools: Sketching Bag, the Saga Continues

  1. I have the same bag. Only pulled it out yesterday to play with it. Had not thought about changing the color. Although I am concerned if left how it is it will show the dirt. I have a question. It looks like you altered the bag so you can slip in a smaller sketchbook in a side pouch. This is the area that is divided into thirds. I hope I am making sense. Did you and if so any problems in doing so? I love your yellow. I have also thought about a shoulder strap. So cool Harbor Freight has these. I used my husband’s 20% coupon to bring the price down further.


    • I have worked with two bags (the blue one really did have to be thrown out after a month of still having color come off.) They reacted a bit differently in terms of cutting the stitches. I used a stitch picker and removed only the outside stitches on the side. In the blue bag the outside stitches were stitched separately so I could choose the stitches to pick. In the new bag when I cut the outside pockets they were also part of the inside pocket and so both released. My advice, then is to go slow on what you want to cut, start on one side… but I definitely wanted a few bigger pockets and then some smaller pockets which I like on the ends mostly. I think my brushes and so forth are more protected there.

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  2. CC aka Minerva says:

    You did great! Brilliant fix! And color! You will never lose it! ♥


  3. Dan Antion says:

    As we discussed when you wrote about the blue one, I have this same bag. I use it for tools and I can say that, it doesn’t stay beige for long. This is pretty, but a bit too bright for me 🙂


  4. Such a. Shame the. Blue didn’t set as it is a gorgeous colour,must. That yellow is sunflower yellow in my mind so it seems a lot more fitting for you!


  5. loisajay says:

    Harbor Freight?! My husband’s favorite store…and they always have coupons in the Sunday newspaper. Not talented enough to dye it, so it will have to stay Dirty Beige.


  6. Glad you love the color now!


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