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Ganesha and Matteo Grilli’s Paints

Sometimes I try small handmade paint companies. I took a chance on Aussie painter and paintmaker MatteoGrilliArt handmade paints! and liked his so much I ordered more! LOOK AT THOSE COLORS!!!! Intense pigment, beautiful, not as creamy smooth as a … Continue reading

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Tools: Daniel Smith Watercolors

What do you do when you have the flu? Sick, fuzzy-brained, I was seduced by the new line of Daniel Smith watercolors! I say seduced because I did not do what I should have, which is check the the Munsell … Continue reading

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3d and 4th Collage Abstract

My third abstract collage… Mitchell likes but not me… Really wanted something else and it is overworked; I like the idea of writing and writing then moving the inks but like it best when some of the writing can be … Continue reading

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Second Teabag Abstract

My second abstract teabag art… With bits of both my and other people’s handmade papers. They are so tiny and fun… ☾ Nostalgie by Hahnemühle Sketch Book Journal, teabags, various papers, Platinum Carbon pen, Holbein watercolor.  ©D. Katie Powell. My … Continue reading

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Hearts + Flowers

Fooling around with cheerful flowers for a handmade card for Mitchell. Doodling while watching British Mysteries… Grabbed some of my shellacked papers to play with, and a dip back into markers and pencils. SPRING IS COMING!!!!!! I swear. Even though … Continue reading

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Tea Bag Village Moon

It is true that Mitchell and I both live with the knowledge of being guided by an unseen hand.  We’ve both been “taken are of” most of our lives. Love this Thomas Merton quote though I edited it a bit.  … Continue reading

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I got nothing…

Too much political reading and journaling… What is going on is really depressing me and I’m a bit burned out.Still drawing but can’t really share it… TOO politically sad. Mitchell sits to play guitar and occasionally says, “I got Nothing.” … Continue reading

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