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Ganesha and Matteo Grilli’s Paints

Sometimes I try small handmade paint companies. I took a chance on Aussie painter and paintmaker MatteoGrilliArt handmade paints! and liked his so much I ordered more! LOOK AT THOSE COLORS!!!! Intense pigment, beautiful, not as creamy smooth as a … Continue reading

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Tools: Daniel Smith Watercolors

What do you do when you have the flu? Sick, fuzzy-brained, I was seduced by the new line of Daniel Smith watercolors! I say seduced because I did not do what I should have, which is check the the Munsell … Continue reading

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3d and 4th Collage Abstract

My third abstract collage… Mitchell likes but not me… Really wanted something else and it is overworked; I like the idea of writing and writing then moving the inks but like it best when some of the writing can be … Continue reading

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Second Teabag Abstract

My second abstract teabag art… With bits of both my and other people’s handmade papers. They are so tiny and fun… ☾ Nostalgie by Hahnemühle Sketch Book Journal, teabags, various papers, Platinum Carbon pen, Holbein watercolor.  ©D. Katie Powell. My … Continue reading

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Hearts + Flowers

Fooling around with cheerful flowers for a handmade card for Mitchell. Doodling while watching British Mysteries… Grabbed some of my shellacked papers to play with, and a dip back into markers and pencils. SPRING IS COMING!!!!!! I swear. Even though … Continue reading

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Tea Bag Village Moon

It is true that Mitchell and I both live with the knowledge of being guided by an unseen hand.  We’ve both been “taken are of” most of our lives. Love this Thomas Merton quote though I edited it a bit.  … Continue reading

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I got nothing…

Too much political reading and journaling… What is going on is really depressing me and I’m a bit burned out.Still drawing but can’t really share it… TOO politically sad. Mitchell sits to play guitar and occasionally says, “I got Nothing.” … Continue reading

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Tools: Time to Dream

New Moon, a day of silence. Sundays I talk about tools, and the biggest tool is our own bodies and hearts and minds. (Why do I think this is so dang funny — oh wait — the English call people … Continue reading

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Tools: Favorite Journals

NOTE: This is about my preferences and why. Other artists will have other preferences, so reading what they like and what they say about this or that journal is good. The only negatives I will write are very bad experiences…. … Continue reading

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