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Table Legs

I had the opportunity to repair the finish on these lovely legs from a family table, and now I paint them.  They were stacked in my finish studio for a long time in this manner and reminded me of ancient … Continue reading

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My Secret Journal: Four, Shellac Tip-ins

Note:  I am writing a story/journal that I don’t want to show before it is published in full.  These are some of the illustrated pages in the sketchbook for the story. Because of the business we are in we end … Continue reading

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My Secret Journal: One

Well as my brother’s used to say, I AM blonde! (Sssshhh, so are two of my brothers.) I am writing a journal that I don’t want to show before it is published in full. This is why I have not … Continue reading

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Gratitude Journal: Back to Studio Work!

 It is good to be back in my finish studio working on paying conservation projects. I have a NPS project due this month. Historic Mason Monterey paper and iron “chandeliers” for the Chateau need to be reproduced.  The original historic … Continue reading

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Mug of Hope: Mix-it Monthly Challenge

Pia Rom’s prompt this month for her challenge grabbed me immediately, though the colors for this month are not me at all!  We collect coffee mugs!  Mitchell and I have names for them — Our Happy Mug (white roosters stamped … Continue reading

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E is for Environmentally Friendly: A-to-Z Challenge

I’m talking toxicity versus environmentally friendly and how to read labels.  Above are three labels: Golden’s “AP Nontoxic”, Gamblin’s information label stated clearly, and an older tube of Cotman Cadmiun Red that shows a Health Label requiring no labeling (again, … Continue reading

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D is for Drawing Pens: A-to-Z Challenge

My favorite drawing pens are Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens, shown right as the top three pens with their caps off.  I love them because they are wonderfully waterproofed India ink, and work best of all the pens on shellacked … Continue reading

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Paint Party Friday #1, As I am New to This Party

Been sick with the flu(?) cold(?) god/dess knows — but it has been a LONG time!  To entertain myself I have painted on shellacked paper with India ink.   Always in love with the sunny images of Mexico, and seen them … Continue reading

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Basilica of the Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo: Sketch to Finished Piece

Carmel Mission (long name is Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo, link to Wiki article) is one of my favorite missions.  I am taking you through my sketching process from rough pencil sketches (which I wish I had not lost) to … Continue reading

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