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Inktober, 4 Crows for Mitchell

Mitchell loves crows… our crows love him too. He talks to them when he is taking the trash to the dumpster, or parking the car at the studio, or out the studio window, and they know him. Of course, color.  … Continue reading

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Sketching Memories of Our Staycation, 6 Crows

A lot of my journal about our time off are simple pages that form a background for my journaling; many are private, but some are like this, simple sweet memories of us watching the crows fly home at night. Inked … Continue reading

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N is for Nicolaides: A-to-Z Challenge

Continuing on with the technique I learned from Gwenn Seemel, I am still very uncomfortable and yet excited by it.  I get lost in it.  It allows me to SEE better –through my fingers attached to a pen — or to … Continue reading

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PROCESS: From Acrylic to Oil Paints

I paint with oils in our business but in my own artwork have used acrylics or gouache.  Painting in our business is very different; I am working precisely toward an image that is not mine, shown right, in a restorative or reproduction … Continue reading

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