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Restore Oregon: Fort Rock

You might remember that I painted a sketch of Fort Rock as part of a folding journal after the Endangered Places of 2015 was announced?  It was based  on the photograph by Craig Powell, #1 in the line-up, below, along … Continue reading

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I’ve got a Patreon Page!

I’m getting ready to begin teaching, and so, drumroll…. I launched my Patreon page! Yes, here I am asking for your support and money… I support two artists, one on Patreon. For the cost of a coffee out, I contribute … Continue reading

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Creative Blocks: What does that Nagging Voice Want?

When I am stuck, I play in color and texture. I see where materials take me without expectation. To have the feeling of blah, no vision, heavy, stupid, dim, is hard on any creative. Especially as being creative — at … Continue reading

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Overworked / Failure

Dan recently blogged about failures: “So many people try to hide failure. Sometimes, they want to hide it out of embarrassment and sometimes they want to hide it out of fear. I don’t want to fail, but when I do, … Continue reading

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Whats on Your Workdesk? Wednesday

I don’t know if I’ll do What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday as a regular thang, but here I am on humpday wanting to post about my new space and I happen upon this weekly challenge….. When not painting *sigh* I … Continue reading

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Software Geeks Who Change Things Just Because They Can

Remember when life was much easier at WP? For instance, remember when all you had to do was click on the little chain-linky-symbol to do it all, above? You’d highlight the link phrase, then hit that chain-linky-symbol, choose your I-want-it-to-open-in-another-page, … Continue reading

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Creativity: Stumbling Blocks + Play

Creatives get blocked. Creatives need play time! It has been a long time since I’ve been involved in a project — I’m not talking about recipes or art challenges but real projects — a couple of years of learning watercolors, … Continue reading

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