Gwenn Seemel’s Commentary on Copyright

Copyright is an important issue for artists.  I cringe every time I hear art students speaking of how they want to post an image of an experiment where they copied an artist or photographer, but they know they can’t do that legally.   They are copying it to learn; they are copying to practice; they are not going to try to sell it or rip anyone off.  They want to have a dialogue with the artist and must do so in secret.  Teh point is, that is stifles the sharing of ideas.  EVERY artist has influences; every artist has copied a style to learn about it; and the world of lawyers has gotten out of hand.

Gwenn Seemel is an artist interested in educating artists and changing how artists use Copyright laws.   She has a new post, “The new kind of copyright,” reblogged below, which includes a short video on this issue, and discusses Creative Commons (which I use).  I recommend this blog and that you become informed on the issues.  (And follow through to the funny funny comics and interview on copyright she links to!)

W14 5 9 10-min tapestry sketch banner

The new kind of copyright

More on her Copyright for herself, Here.

A sample of Gwenn’s work from 2013, below, amazing!

hysterical 2013CAN28g

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