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Artist Influences and Copyleft

As I am ahead in this crazy World Watercolor challenge, I am spending two days posting about other issues. One is Copyleft or Creative Commons, or Un-copyright (which is discussed in depth on this page, including links to Gwenn Seemel’s … Continue reading

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Publishing the Darker Artwork

This post is a dialogue with other artists, and two other bloggers.  Many people do not think of art as a dialogue and commentary.  I hope they will not mind me co-opting a few lines from their blogs; I encourage … Continue reading

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You Share Good: A Good Book About Copyright

I bought You Share Good by Gwenn Seemel and read it in almost one sitting.  Gwenn’s argument for letting go of copyright and relaxing into sharing is persuasive, and I highly recommend it — even if you choose to copyright … Continue reading

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Booby Gurl is Coming Home to D.Katie Powell Art

I’ve made a hard decision during this Dark-of-the-Moon.  Previously I set up a second blog that was dedicated to my love of working with Lunar energy. Lunar Moondae was also home to my Booby Gurl images.  After a great deal … Continue reading

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Gwenn Seemel’s Commentary on Copyright

Copyright is an important issue for artists.  I cringe every time I hear art students speaking of how they want to post an image of an experiment where they copied an artist or photographer, but they know they can’t do … Continue reading

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Gween Seemel Speaks on Her Process

Gwenn Seemel is a passionate artist and thinker.  She was asked a year ago to speak at the American Association for the Advancement of Science.  Her talk, below, is worth the listen. To learn more about her art and thinking … Continue reading

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