Inktober 15, Chicken Curry with Great Northern Beans

One of our favorite meals, I make this every week.
it starts as a roast chicken, and then becomes curry burritos
I freeze for lunches or dinners later on.

We buy Smart Chicken, which, even when not organic, is Non-GMO and
Certified Humane.  This latter is a huge breakthrough because it ensures the chickens are killed in a humane way, not just raised in a humane manner.
Sometimes I have the butcher cut the whole chicken into pieces, sometimes I roast it whole at 375-degrees, with LOTS of curry, cumin, pepper and garlic salt.

In a pan I stir fry chopped yellow onions and carrots,
and about 30 minutes before the chicken is cooked, I add 3-4 cans (drained rinsed) of
Great Northern White Beans to the mix, with some chicken stock,
the same spices as the chicken and a dollop of my
home-made Hot Blackened Red Pepper Pesto.  I lift the roasting chicken and
pop the beans under the chicken in all the great curry juices,
or cook it separately with chicken stock and olive oil added for 30 minutes.

Dinner is served in a large flat bowl (think Fiestaware bowls)
with chicken over the beans, one dish… We are fans of one dish meals.

Sometimes we set aside the thighs for a second dinner,
accompanied by a sweet apple-walnut salad.

The rest of the chicken I strip and cut into smaller bites,
and pop into the beans mixture.  I add a small bag of frozen peas.
This is salted lightly and rolled into large wheat tortillas as Curry Burritos.
They freeze wonderfully, and can be either nuked or baked. Yummy!

This makes between 4-5 meals for two!

These recipe sketches are created with
my Da Vinci Monterey Trio, below.

I started with Super5 Frankfurt ink in a Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen for my sketch.
Grisaille was done with Super5 Frankfurt ink in a Pentel Aquash waterbrush,
laying in the dark warm grey shadow before adding watercolors.
I often use this technique in my sketches alone, or as underpainting!

Grisaille (/ɡrˈz/ or /ɡrˈzl/; French: gris [ɡʁizaj] ‘grey’) is a term for
painting executed entirely in shades of grey or of another neutral greyish colour…
A grisaille may be executed for its own sake, [or] as underpainting
working in grisaille was often chosen as being quicker and cheaper, although
the effect was sometimes deliberately chosen for aesthetic reasons.
Grisaille paintings resemble the drawings, normally in monochrome, that artists from the Renaissance on were trained to produce.”  

The Da Vinci watercolors were added beginning with
the palest colors for the beans and curried chicken skin, slowly layering
to the brighter bolder colors from the wheel mixes above, all from these three colors:
Alizarin Crimson, Quinacridone Gold, and Sap Green.
The Trio package is a nice way to acquaint yourself with the lovely autumn colors!

Purchase my Monterey Trio, above, and other NEW artist’s trios, below!
Also, as an artist for Da Vinci Paints, they track my traffic.
If you are going to shop at Da Vinci, please enter through my Affiliate link
so that any other places you go on their site are accredited to me…
you can find the Trios in their watercolors sets.



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4 Responses to Inktober 15, Chicken Curry with Great Northern Beans

  1. YUMMMMMM! I’m coming to your house for dinner 😉


  2. The illustration is delightful. I could almost smell the dish. We are big fans of curries in my house. I make a curry every week.


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