Pandemic Recipes: At the Beginning, A Prayer

I am creating a new cookbook, gathering the recipes we relied upon in the last year of this crazy pandemic.

I am using a journal I am unfamiliar with, created from heavy unfinished
and rough paper from India, a Kadhi journal. This should make things interesting,
as I already see how different my outcomes are when using this paper.
Ink tends to spread easily, and watercolors also spread or fuzz a bit,
but I am committed now, and so will work with the limitations.

I placed a colorful Mexican/Indian inspired Ganesha at the front of the book to set intention for the recipe book.  These are not fancy recipes, but grounded recipes that were cooked throughout the pandemic with frequency, partly due to limited shopping resources and even more limited time — and many were cooked in the studio kitchen.

We did okay during the pandemic (as I write this the pandemic is not over
but we’ve been vaccinated and survived).  I am gathering the notes
I placed in my art journals, like the one below, and writing them nicely with
the changes I made as I cooked beans every other day for months.
My bean recipes become simpler the more I cooked, and as I found out that cooking them simply worked best, with changes in spices depending upon their use.

I sketched many of my recipes into my sketchbooks, above,
and wanted to begin to gather them into one place,
and give them the attention this shift in my cooking deserves.

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7 Responses to Pandemic Recipes: At the Beginning, A Prayer

  1. lois says:

    We have new owners of an open market that has been in town forever. They are staying true to the original family way, but sprucing things up a bit. There is a tiny grocery store that is stocked with all our locals offerings (in one location) and Rancho Gordo beans!! I had never heard of them until you wrote about them, so I smiled and thought of you. I am vegetarian so what’s a good one that I can get a lot of flavor with no meat or meat bones in them? Thanks, Katie!

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    • Omi, they are all good and I put no meat in any of mine unless I do it later… Like if I make a meat chili and beans. We both love Midnight Black Beans (they are small and lovely), and I cook it with a couple of dry hot chilis (small ones, two, and a larger one, 1 — but we like things hot), 1-2 bay leaves, 1-2 sage leaves (this is dependent on the size), and 3-5 cloves of garlic sliced into a couple slices. I use one heaping spoon of cumin at the beginning, a bit of black pepper, NO Salt (later you can salt them). Cover as Steve Sando says, no presoaking, up to two inches of water over the top. Bring to a boil then simmer. I find it totally depends on the weather, so I set my timers for 45 minutes and keep checking. Usually they cook for about 2 hours. Toward the end I add another two heaping teaspoons of cumin, and salt to taste. Sometimes I add an onion that has been sauteed. Veggies are wonderful with them and Mitchell eats them for breakfast over rise with some avocado on top.

      I haven’t met a bean I didn’t like of his…. I also love cassoulet beans, and while I like them with ham they would be just as good cooked like the black beans, but toward the end add carrots and onions.

      Others I’ve ordered more of: Zebra Limas (BTW his Limas are so creamy, not like anything I’ve ever had before) and the many Ayacote varieties… Some of their skins stay a bit chewy and that is just part of the bean.

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  2. lois says:

    Hey Katie–thinking about you and this godawful you are going through. I hope you, Mitchell and the kitties are able to find some relief. ❤

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