Rona on Grey, Hot Blackened 2-Pepper Beans and Rice

Hot Spicy Blackened 2-Pepper Beans
with Brown Basmati/Wild Rice Blend!

This can be made with any bean… in fact pintos are not my favorite beans!  Today
I made it with canned
black beans and without
the wild rice blend, which we are saving on the chance we score Portobelllo mushrooms
(with spicy chicken broth).

We are crazy for hot Sugar Chili peppers; every year we buy 75 lbs of blackened Sugar Chilies (hot peppers) in 5 lb bags direct from the farmers, and a smattering of their other peppers, like poblanos.

We freeze them, and then I defrost 5 lbs at a time, and make a Blackened Pepper Pesto to use daily.  (BTW, I use skins and seeds…)  As we are trying to stay away from the markets, we are roasting carrots with olive oil and salt and pepper — then freezing them.
This is enough for two with leftovers for lunch!

Cook a full cup of brown basmati rice (with some wild rice if you like) with a tsp of olive oil
and a scoop of the pepper pesto if you made some — but no worry if you didn’t.
Your favorite rice will do — I like this because  it stir fries so well.
If you have leftover chicken stock I like to use it in place of the water for flavor.

While that is cooking, dice 1 red hot pepper and 1 green hot pepper — or more if you like —
they should be big, like poblanos, not tiny Thai peppers.   Set in a frying pan.
Add 1-2 roasted carrots, sliced bean-size.
A good TABLESPOON or more of cumin, 1/2 tsp black pepper, and about 3-4 T Olive oil.

Open the beans and drain.  If you love celery it is good in this, but add it with the beans.

When the rice is done drop it into the frying pan and fry gently while stirring (don’t walk away) until everything is hot, seared, and glistening.  Add the beans (and diced celery), stir it one more time, then turn the heat off.  Beans like to stick to pans if they are cooked — I want them hot all the way through.

Add garlic salt to taste.  Yummy.  Wrap it in a big burrito and eat it cold for lunch or warm it!

A bit of a lift, below.

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