Rona2: Day in a Pandemic Life

We are working, still, harder than ever it seems.
As we have no employees and the people we work with all have their own studios, it is an easy thing to do except that now we spend much more time at the studio, both working longer hours and also cooking there, making art in my studio area.
Someone on Instagram did a challenge to do your day in storyboard fashion…

My response!

MEORW!  Wake up NOW!

Good thing he is so cute.
Every morning, and Gibbs does not know about corona!
He has his own internal clock… NOW!
I yell at him and squirt him with water and he gets us up at 6am.

To the studio for ginger-brown sugar-coffee…

Fresh ginger is yummy and so good for you…
we chew a little through out our day.
Usually our cats go where we go… but not always.

I begin to read the bad news,
which is all there is these days.

If I am depressed I skip this and sometimes just check in with friends before I start work.
The day I documented it was not painting work, like a piece of furniture, but working on reports both for institutional clients and then marketing — estimates and our blog.

At MPFC we don’t do coffee breaks, but combin’ breaks.
All four cats come running for combins (that is how we say ‘combings”) and get a treat.
Izzee, whose tail you can see below, is not on board yet.
This is a daily ritual, pre-covid… in the studio gotta keep the cat hair down!

We finally got a delivery of toilet paper from Who Gives A Crap!
YaY!  We buy by the box for the business and we were running low.
Finding this company was a gift — bamboo, no plastic, they do good charity work,
and the paper roll lasts twice as long because it has substance.

I am using the paper covering for tip-ins to write on (see bottom).

Deliveries now are a big deal, with different protocols… they are left inside our door downstairs (behind locks) and dated, until they can come upstairs.

Exhaustion between 2-3 pm is common now. 

I hate it — I have literally fallen asleep at the computer.
Stress, worry, sometimes not sleeping the night before but mostly stress and worry.

I make dinner most nights at the studio.
Another gift of the pandemic was it spurred me to try Rancho Gordo heirloom beans.
If you are new around here then you don’t know but I am a FANATIC!!!!!

I make a pot of beans twice a week and yummo
they make four meals plus a little leftover for a snack….
Heaven in a bag!

I don’t want you to try them…
More for me.

Summer the sunsets are the most beautiful.
Sometimes we see them as we are leaving…

Best time of day.  I put my head on Mitchell’s lap and usually have to share that lap with one of the gurls, and fall asleep early.  The difference now is that I wale up at midnight
and do not go back to sleep.  Worry and stress… or just sleeplessness.
That is a downside… and happens much more than before.

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2 Responses to Rona2: Day in a Pandemic Life

  1. Linda Adams says:

    I am loving this, though am sorry you have insomnia. Insomnia is my bane, too.

    Your sketches are wonderful! So are the stories that go with them. Publish? I think so!

    Please keep these going! Do know that they bring me much needed smiles and laughter! Your posts are much more enlightening to start my workday, than weeding through op-ed material at 4am, especially now. Your blogs brighten my mood before I deal with submitted ops. Lots of pure hatred out there, right now; depressing to shuffle through, editing and deciding what to print (avoiding redundancy). Voices need to be heard, but hatred always gives me pause, as it should anyone, but our policy is to print all views.

    I wish I could eat ginger! Allergic. Sounds absolutely YUM! I CAN eat beans! I promise I won’t spread the word too far 😉

    Hugs & Love


    P.S. Hey, how do I get rid of that loudmouth, editor critic in MY head, the one who has me analyzing, over and again, not just bodies of written work, but every word I use? Yes, that one! She lives in my right brain. She can’t be evicted. Believe me, I’ve tried!


    • I am trying to carve the time to write and illustrate a book; will share with you.

      Always will do the posts…. stopped for a week of silence and support of BLM.

      Remind me about the loudmouth editor when we talk next — I taught how to rid oneself of it at UCLA, and in grade schools and writing programs and have written some about it here. Not surprising coming from your background you’d have a loud one…


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