Rona2: A Change

I’ve been a mostly one-journal gurl for awhile now, but with all the writing I am doing during this pandemic, I decided to go back to two journals.  It is an attempt to save money — the Hahnemühle Nostalgie Sketchbook (left) is a few dollars less — but also, it likes inky written thoughts a bit better than the Hahnemühle Toned Watercolour Book, right.

I am journaling every day, and sometimes several pages… anger, frustration, sadness.
The watercolor journals will be used for times when I am going in to do a watercolor and I know it.  This does mean that sometimes I start a watercolor at the Nostalgie book, and I kick myself, because they can’t take multiple washes or lifting like the watercolor book papers.  But I will try this experiment and if is doesn’t work, switch again.

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