Rona on Grey, Full Moon Gratitude

Full Moon the other night.
I found such comfort in her beautiful brightness.

I’ve been seeing the positive changes.

 1)  Mitchell and I have both had increasing arthritic issues,
and kept talking about going on a cleansing diet but oatmeal cookies and ice cream kept finding their way int our groceries (how does that happen?)
NOW we are on a cleansing diet… and I can feel the shift in my body feeling better.

2)  Losing weight.  Both of us.

3)  Not taking food for granted.  Let me explain.
We are meat eaters, but don’t eat meat regularly… and make sure it is both organic (if possible — you can’t do that with beef) and dispatched in a humane way.
I always had a package of something that I could pop into our little oven here at the studio if we were working late and in a hurry, and I didn’t give it much thought.
Now,living mostly on beans and rice, I am paying attention to the flavors, making that a priority as much as any other important activity.

4)  And I am SO grateful for all the food at our table, anytime.
I mean praying again, giving thanks.

5)  And I am playing with new flavors… otherwise, beans and rice can get boring.

6)  We are pretty good about having clean rags to reach for instead of paper towels, but with the level of cleaning we are doing now at home and office, it is essential — so,
shockingly, we’ve cut our consumption to a roll in two weeks!
That won’t change as Rona moves on, because it is habit now.

So, looking for the pony in this shit time!
What are you grateful for?

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4 Responses to Rona on Grey, Full Moon Gratitude

  1. kim says:

    I am on a scavenger hunt for silver. I have made it my mission during this time to find at least one small piece of silver lining every day. Greater food awareness and cutting disposable consumption are two of my findings as well. I am grateful to have my art as a vehicle for expression, and meditation each evening.


  2. dweezer19 says:

    I am grateful for each breath that I take which is not my last. 🤗


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