Publishing the Darker Artwork

This post is a dialogue with other artists, and two other bloggers.  Many people do not think of art as a dialogue and commentary.  I hope they will not mind me co-opting a few lines from their blogs; I encourage you to read and follow both of these blogs!


One of the reasons that what Tanya Lee Markul and Gwenn Seemel posted (below) is so important, is that I have been creating angry sad artwork while in bed recouping from traumatic medical care.  I really had to create without thinking about people seeing it, so I told myself I would only share it with a few close friends — it is so personal.

My blog to date has been about my explorations of watercolor techniques mostly because I started this blog at a time when I was switching from acrylic to watercolor, so many of you don’t know the range of artwork I’ve created, much of which is soul-searching, political, and emotional.

I look to the Universe for messages, a mystical habit that has grown out of my spiritual path.  This week there have been many, and neither blog is easy to repost, so I am giving you samples and sending you to them.

In chronological order, the two that stand out in my mind giving me biggest kick to go ahead and let out  the whole emotional artwork:

 4 Creative Traits Most Will Never Understand. 
by Tanya Lee Markul

An edited part (a good quote removed) of what spoke deeply to me right now:

sun3. You’ve experienced trauma — and have grown from it. Or are sincerely trying. Most creative people have been through something traumatic to varying degrees. These experiences bring new breath, perspectives and a fuel for their life’s work. They’re often uninhibited, in some way, to allow their painful experiences to be felt clearly and consciously so that they can transform pain and hurt into expressions of art.

Most people who know of the intimate pain and suffering that a creative person has gone through are often surprised at their strength, perseverance and courage to overcome and to choose an expression of art versus a completely self-destructive path.

4. A creative person has proof in the work, not just their words. In other words, you walk your talk. A lot of creative expression gets overlooked or swept under the rug in today’s society. The importance of it is underrated and is often looked at with an over-skeptical, judgmental eye.”

Click to read the entire article from Rebelle Society.

The legacy of Mayor Charlie Hales
by Gwenn Seemel

For years now, I’ve been living in the middle of a bunch of bad decisions made by local authorities. My building has been surrounded by at least five active construction sites since 2013 and the activity is slated to continue at this same frenzied pitch for years to come. This is already difficult, but, when you factor in that the same people whose poor planning skills allowed this to happen in the first place are also failing to enforce construction laws, you have a very dangerous situation. So, like any artist would, I decided I’d better paint about it.

Mayor Charlie Hales' dirty Hands

Click to go on to read, see the entire painting, and see the video of Gwenn discussing
what her process was in this amazing piece of artwork.

When I am through with my exploration of what the medical community did (I am still experiencing some of the aftereffects) and my experience, I will publish it.  I thank many people for encouragement including my husband, and am doing it here because when I publish it I will simply tell my truth.  It is being written now.

PS: Hah!  Here is synchronicity at its best:  Hare In The Moon Astology published this today.  I feel it (my bolded parts, and it is edited):

Monday 22 June 2015

” There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be” John Lennon.

This year’s Summer/Winter Solstice crackles until Wednesday when Mars enters Cancer to join the Sun.   (removed her planetary influences)

With the Sun on the Aries Point aligned with the Nodes of Fate, this is a tipping point, a collective and personal choice point. Expect big news on the world stage and expect to be affected by it. Waves of heart centered expansive energy from an exact Jupiter /Uranus trine will make everything feel more urgent, more dramatic and more high stakes. Uranus the Awakener is shattering your Saturnian limitations by piercing your unconscious with radical insights as Jupiter the Hierophant opens you to the very real possibility of liberating your soul purpose from the Lord of Time and Karma’s bony clutches.  As Dane Rudhyar says so beautifully : “The Jupiterian urge opens the gates so that caravans loaded with gifts from the farther lands may enter”.

As you stand at this crossroads, claim it as the gate of liberation and emancipation from three years of Saturn in Scorpio losses and defeats.  Start by enquiring :
What in me is dying?
What in me is blossoming?
Then listen for messages on the wind from Hecate, dark Goddess of the Crossroads.
Your Week Ahead Forecasts posted :


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6 Responses to Publishing the Darker Artwork

  1. Dan Antion says:

    There are so many messages. These are wonderful ways of communicating all of them.


  2. Lucia Maya says:

    I’m really glad you’ll be sharing your journey with your surgery, healing, pain, and art. As you know, I’m a fan of sharing the emotions, the vulnerable places, the shadow… It is a potentially healing process for all involved, and has certainly been one for me. I’m so sorry you’ve been in so much pain, and hoping you’re getting better with each day! love and blessings, Lucia


    • Thanks Lucia. I think nothing of handing my journal to someone, but the idea of putting it on a blog which, just by chance, only showed one side of my artwork because of the timing of when I started it made me shy away from sharing. And the decision feels right! Blessing to you . . .

      Liked by 1 person

  3. susanissima says:

    Maybe, in the end, this dark passage will have led you into a brilliant new room of your own, Katie. Thanks for sharing these two posts.


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