Lojong: 29 Put No Mind Before Your Own

I’ve studied through the slogans a dozen times in my life;
these are my musings on the slogan currently, not a formal interpretation.
For that reason they are less about straight Buddhist teachings,
and I think able to be shared with most practitioners of other faiths or no faith
(unless yours doesn’t allow you to read any other tradition.) 

If you have time and the inclination, I published the WHOLE  thang here!

A slogan that has many layers for me…

My Buddha ball was sketched loosely (I sometimes make a circle in a watercolor pencil to start but sometimes sketch the entire Buddha loosely).  I inked with Robert Osterman’s Jade and a 1.1 stub nib; then DS Sap green finished the his green color.

“20: Of the two witnesses,
hold the principal one. “

This slogan is one I step back into whenever someone accuses me
of feeling or thinking something that is simply not true in my heart/mind.
I find it to be comforting, and calming, which means I can act much more rationally.
False accusations seem to come up more now that people are so fearful and
on edge about politics and our collective futures and
protecting their religious beliefs and right to bear arms and abortion and
whatever the media is whipping people into a frenzy about this week…
all that crazy-making stuff that can bring out the best and worst in anyone.

When I am not particularly angry, it allows me to go soft instead of defensive
in the face of anger and be vulnerable if that is possible
(I am mindful of another persons harmful energy in the moment and may draw boundaries) or at least be open-hearted to see what is going on before I act.
It doesn’t save all situations, and I still can lose a friend if they decide to go that way,
but I can be clear and reflect honestly on what I said, check to see if I contributed to the situation even without intention to cause a ruckus, or if this is a product of
someone else’s imagination… which happens to the best of us when we are in fear.

Maezumi Roshi said,
“Put no mind before your own.”

Okina Journal, with pen and ink, and watercolor.

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Hahnemühle Post Cards, 13, Palms

These are my happy place doodles…
Not quite California but reminiscent of a less crowded California!

I had no idea when I began playing with the Hahnemühle Post Cards
that I would love them so much!

I wanted to mitigate the possibility of smudging when sending my postcards, so I coated them with a thin coat of Gamblin’s Cold Wax Medium, using my fingers to apply.
It darkens the colors just a bit — barely noticeable.
Don’t rub too much or you may rub your watercolor, though I have not yet.
Just remember that after you use this, you can’t use your fountain pens
over the top of the wax — so write on the front before you apply!

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YouTangle: Notes for Mitchell

My favorite thing to do with the Hahnemuhle’s YouTangleart Tiles it to make notes to leave for Mitchell to find: in his calendar, on his computer, on his toothbrush!

They are not built for watercolor, but if I clip the corners down and
they can take a lot of water and straighten out fine!
However, the watercolor doesn’t behave like it does on watercolor paper…
It soaks into the paper and so I need to hit it twice to get the color to pop!

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Hahnemühle Post Cards, 14, Hearts for Valentines

Lover’s Day is coming…. I’m practicing my hearts…
I find my ideas evolve if I just play,
and I loosen up as I play!

These are all on Hahnemühle post cards…

I started the way all my doodles start…
The architectural earth symbol and the heart!

The earth symbol evolved into LOVE LOVE LOVE…

Then I really loosened up and squiggled and played!

I can’t show you the one for Mitchell! 
He follows my blog!

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Seahorse Tea Infuser

I’ve looked around NW Portland stores for a great tea infuser.
I bought one with some tea and while it might be good, it either doesn’t fit my teapot,
is not great as a cup infuser, and it doesn’t clean well.

Americans, it seems, are all BORING when it comes to our kitchens!
I’ve seen what my Aussie friends use and the infusers are funny or cute or pretty!
I finally went online and looked and came up with two;
this seahorse was taken out first and oh my, I love it!

It makes me happy to see it floating in my cup!
It is really the color of Rose Dore, a watermelon orange,
and it takes me to the ocean when I use it…
*0r sometimes I think of Nessie, the Loch Ness “Monster”*

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Tools: Travel Palette, Three

Part 3, on other palettes and changing brands!

Continued from Big Changes in My Travel Palette

Okay, remember when I said that I was going to stick with December’s travel palette?
I lied… I’ve changed it up twice and think I may have colors to stay with for awhile.

So here are the new colors, which I’ve worked with for a month:

DS Burnt Iron Oxide  *  DS Sepia

Holbein Quin Gold  *  QoR Ardoise Grey (until I use it up)

DS Opera  *  DS Imperial Purple

MG Quin Red (the clearest transparent red)  *  DS Carmine

DV Rose Dore  *  Holbein Brilliant Orange

DS Quinophthalone Yellow * Holbein Permanent Yellow Orange

DS Sap Green  *  DS Green Gold

DS Terre Green (can go soft or deep)  *  DV Hooker’s Green

Sennelier Phthalo Green Deep #807  *  DS Perylene Green

Holbein Prussian Blue  *  DS French Ultramarine

DV Indigo  *  DS Graphite

I’ve been considering paint companies after swearing by Daniel Smith (DS) for years.
I still will buy DS (especially Primatek, which I LOVE),
but I am also trying other paint companies.  Why?
DS has grown BIG and been purchased from the original owner.
I see more air pockets in the paint tubes which can lead to paint drying in the tubes.
I have also seen more separation in the newest batches.

Who to move on to of the many companies?

Here is my take on the ones I love so far and the ones I am “meh” about<
not necessarily in order of preference.  Bottom line,
I  will buy more Da Vinci and Sennelier and MGraham, in that order..
My bias is that I love clear transparent colors, I want to know the light-fast rating.
These are all artists grade paints; and none of these are handmade paint companies.

I tried Holbein paints early, and may try more.
I can’t say they are my favorite paint company,
and I am not sure why, but I love many of their paints.
They make a Quin Gold that I will always have in my palette
(and always make sure I have a couple in storage as I’d die without it)
as it is a softer QG and it makes wonderful skin tones…
I love their Prussian Blue, Permanent Yellow Orange and
their brilliant orange is amazing.
The colors I have are all creamy and have good pigment.

I’ve tried several Da Vinci (DV) paints (above) and I am buying more through a trade —
replacing many Daniel Smith pigments with them as I empty tubes.
They are wonderfully creamy when rewetted in pans,
with amazing high pigment content (look at the colors above!)
I’ve only found one color I am so-so about, the Benzimida Orange DEEP.
I have a dozen colors in my cart and when I have spending cash they will be mine!
The palette above will soon be a Da Vinci palette filled from my trade and new tubes!

I love MGraham (MG, a Portland Oregon company) but they don’t dry
completely or quickly in my end of NW Portland Oregon,
so I don’t use more of them in my travel palette.
Heavenly paints, the richest color.  I love all that I’ve bought except the Mineral purple, which is dull dull dull (above, the one between the purple and pink).
I intend to buy more of them for the studio,
though because they stay tacky is a bit of a challenge.
I have a cat hair and fuzz problem: my studio is in our upholstery room and
bits of cotton and airborne fabric from cuttings tend to stick even in MG’s “dry” state.

Right now they are sharing
a palette, above, with Schminke (half pans) but as I acquire
more they will end up in their own palette.  I wrote a review of
the Schminke set
.  I am so repelled by the muddy colors I don’t
know if I will get back to them.
The pigments that
came in the last set were disappointing…  However, several others swear by them and I am getting to try a couple other clear colors out in my trade, so we will see.  I can’t recommend.

Sennelier is excellent, a bit more expensive.  I love their paint.
I bought some in tubes early on, and wish they were a bit less expensive.
My first pan set was Sennelier, and this deal is still on at Blick’s
(shown above as I used it for a time with some additional pans).
I frankly HATE half-pans, which is why I’ve not used the half-pans,
and I’d love to figure a way to rectify that, as the paint is great!

Personally, I have never found a favorite in Windsor Newton (WN).
I know some people love them but I find them to be pricey and meh.
QoR is outrageously priced (smaller tubes for higher prices)
and just don’t get it the draw for the price,  though I have two colors I buy from
them because I love them — Green Gold and Bohemian (an umber-y green)
though if I found the same in DV or Holbein I’d stop buying them altogether.

I have travel palettes for specific things.
My painted ladies palette sits at the bottom of my travel bag.
Colors I rarely use, except when out to sketch Victorians in Portland.

And though I own almost all the DS Primateks, I have 9 I use constantly,
and so have another travel pan (below) which houses a dozen colors.
I switch out the Rhodonite, Monte Amiata, and Terre Ecola.

Above are my five go-to “travel” palettes,
and all but the Painted Ladies palette sits bedside. 

For info on all my colors, go here…

Finally, I was thinking of doing a post on how to use dot cards
but someone sent me this and when it is done perfectly why redo it?
I give you a (long) perfect explanation of dot cards use!

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Da Vinci, MatteoGrilliArt, Sennelier, Holbein,
MGraham, DS Primatek and Daniel Smith Watercolors.

w16-watercolor-sq w16-8-10-pentalic-middle-night-03-sq w15-inks-sq w16-9-24-pens-color-3-sq w15-ds-paints-sq

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California Poppy

*home home home*

Nothing quite says home like the flowers I used to see in spring in California!
Behold the California Poppy!
*i think i gave her a bit of an art nouveau feel*

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