Trip to Southern Oregon

During the trip from Portland to Southern Oregon down the I-5 corridor I sketched.
I’d made a small folding journal from some grey arches paper for the trip.

Never at the last minute before a trip take to gluing your folded journal together…
I did it wrong and had to undo the glued parts and piece in another part and so there are funny crinkles and nearly bald spots in the middle pages.
Sorry bad images.  Middle of the night I pulled the glued pages apart!

When I got home I added watercolor over several days in the middle of the night.
Watercolor on this absorbent paper was a new experience for me,
especially the splashy washes I created, which the paper ate quickly!

I wrote into the journal later… too personal for my family so not sharing.
Basically, continuing stories of dementia and what happens with the elderly
in the good ‘ol USA unless they are very wealthy.

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27 Responses to Trip to Southern Oregon

  1. Dan Antion says:

    I’ve made that trip a few times. Thanks for jogging some pleasant memories to the top of my brain.


  2. Christine says:

    Beautiful sketches!


  3. I love the lovely loose quality of your watercoloring and drawing Kate- just wonderful! Happy PPF!


  4. I love these sketches so much! They are so special and will be a wonderful keepsake. Happy PPF from No 27 😀


  5. Susan Art says:

    This is a beautiful memory of your trip! I really appreciate your loose style and vibrant color. Happy PPF


  6. Marie-OR says:

    Wonderful journal art from your trip!


    • Loved your post on Magpies…
      People seem to not like many critters who have to kill something they like in order to stay alive, but never seem to notice they are doing this while eating bacon and eggs or a hamburger. Never met a cow I didn’t like, big soft sweet yes, and pigs are smarter than many humans!
      I love Magpies!


  7. dkcaselton says:

    I absolutely love this sketching you’ve done and then added the watercolor. I feel like I’ve been on the road trip with you!


  8. Love very much this “on the road” story…


  9. Really lovely. When I don’t have to drive I call this my “Car Art” Yours are beautiful. I too have made that trip a million times. We take the back roads from Florence and come out in Southerland. Yes, unless you are wealthy having any big medical issue in the US is a bad deal. I am sorry to hear about the dementia problem.


  10. I love your travel journey in water colour, so much better then taking photographs. It is sad when dementia patients are neglected in any way. I visit a dementia ward each week and I wish it would be better.


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