Inky Thots: Sharing My Enthusiasm

This year I fell in love
with ink painting.

I’ve painted with inks for a time, and moved them about with water,
but this year my heart really flipped over inks.

Years ago I began with a swatch book of the watercolors and inks I owned;
most of the inks are in little sample vials.
At that time I wanted to compare color, and to test for
water PROOF or water resistant qualities (much more on this later),
as my focus was on using them with watercolors.
I tested and mixed and played in what started as a neat book of squares,
coming back and dropping water in the center to see if the ink moved.
You see the dots above?  Most inks moved a lot!
I liked using a bound book better than flash cards
because it sat neatly on my shelf right next to finished sketchbooks;
though it does mean I can’t reshuffle the order of the colors!

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve painted more with inks,
and acquired many new bottles…  to test, I began dropping a lot of ink
in one corner of my journal then drawing it down with water after it dried.
I’m fascinated by how they move and had a life of their own —
even more than watercolors, which you can have some “control” over.

I haven’t figured out the whole light-fast thang, but I adore using them in my journals,
and of course, there it barely matters; journals are closed except when viewed!

All this lead me to find another way to test my inks… specifically for artists…
that is what I am going to be doing over the next few months, sharing my experiments with each ink I own, exploring how it will work for ink painting.
I will put all the inks I play with in depth on pages under my banner, above.

Tomorrow, first ink up:Robert Oster Jade!

I don’t know where this is going…
I just know I have to share my enthusiasm!

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5 Responses to Inky Thots: Sharing My Enthusiasm

  1. I really like the way you organise your ink swatches. I have seen lots of people use the method of a collection of cards on a loop but I think your way appeals to me more.


    • I tried it on cards (with watercolors) and it was disastrous. A ring of small bits of paper and I never fund a place to hang it or stow it. The downside to having them in books is that if you do it by color or brand, eventually you will have one too many blue or Robert Oster… and mess up your system. I still prefer it!

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  2. love the way you play with colours and mediums


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