Memorial Weekend

The bliss of having several days unplugged from the business:
The ability to do a personal check-in with my psyche.
It is hard to process tragedies when you are swamped at work.

To sleep in — Omi, so nice, and the neighborhood cooperated in quiet!
To binge watch a couple of things with Mitchell.

To drop into my creative places without running-out-of-time over my head…
I may know where I am heading just a bit now
but whatever way this art thang is headed,
I was able to drop into it and listen with my heart…

Where do I want to go next?

To allow myself to review priorities and understand that just because
a client has a false need for a deadline (and that is the usual, as
rarely are they necessary).  If something comes up and we can’t make a deadline, we feel badly about it — but it does happen.  If we can’t, we can’t.
That is the nature of a small two-person business… I can’t let them get to me.
It makes the process of working on their project completely horrid…
and I think that energy goes into the piece.
You can’t push finishes to dry or ignore the dry rot in a piece.
We try to define that up front, but some people do not listen.

Letting go, or trying to, of STRESS.

While I support those that died for us
I personally have known no one who ever faced combat, unless it was an great-uncle.
My grandfather was missing a leg, and while we had police and sheriffs in our family,
no one died protecting us nor saw action in a war.  That is a lucky thing.

We also took the time to cook favorite time-consuming things to eat.
Fried Chicken (I make the best) and grilled veggies, and hot pepper shrimp,
and French Toast (Mitchell’s job) with fruit salad…

We did not eat them all at one meal!

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4 Responses to Memorial Weekend

  1. Dan Antion says:

    “You can’t push finishes to dry or ignore the dry rot in a piece.”

    People generally have no idea how much time should be allowed for steps like this. I think the DIY TV shows (with the possible exception of This Old House) are aggravating that issue, both with unrealistic times and inferior techniques.


  2. This is refreshing to hear… yes… clients can have the most unruly expectations. But it’s so true…. we can only DO what we can. And they hired us to DO it in the first place because they wanted something amazing. We’ll always deliver that in the end! 😉 ❤️


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