New Journal: Hahnemühle DS Sketchbook

I’ve had this journal for a long time and as I am writing more I decided to give it a go!
It is a draft and sketchbook, but of course I will push boundaries
and eventually tell you what it can take, watercolors and painted inks?
*this is not a review yet*
A5, landscape, I’m paring it up with my  A4 Hahnemühle Watercolour Journal.
This allows me to be free to grab whatever journal fits the task.
It is breaking away from what I started out doing, separate journals for each type of thang — THAT resulted in lots of unfinished journals sitting around.  I will rarely do that again.

I have a goal during this new journal period.
These goals are a bit like New Year’s resolutions and I am always curious to see at the end how my intention and my life veered or aligned.

I am focusing on creativity and discipline to
move certain projects ahead despite my heavy work load.

When I started this Sketchbook Revival, a free set of 14 days of classes was starting.
I stopped by to listen, especially to those peeps I did not know, and found some gems.
I took notes in my new journal.

The first was Kiala Givehand teaching how she makes small journals for specific uses.
*yes i had to laugh after just deciding that this way of journaling was not for me*

What was fun about her class as
opposed to other bookmaking classes
I’ve taken it that it was very spontaneous
and free, emphasizing creativity and impulse rather than precision.  There is a place
for both, of course, and yet I think these
little journals will be USED, and that
is important.  I didn’t “learn” a bookmaking
tip I didn’t know, and yet I enjoyed
listening to her and in the process had
an aha moment for a review, right.

Danny Gregory from Sketchbook Skool is always entertaining.
I listened to him and doodled my pen…
He spoke of pairing habits with things you know you’ll do,
Like making tea… Good point.  I pair mine with going to sleep.

Val Webb’s class was also good…  I found my 40-year-old Sumi Ink bottle and dang if it wasn’t still good!  This whole spread was done while listening to her talk…
*i admit to fast forwarding through the introductions and occasional other thangs*

To hear about classes, follow me on Facebook
or check out my new, improved

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2 Responses to New Journal: Hahnemühle DS Sketchbook

  1. I like the way you think. “I am always curious to see at the end how my intention and my life veered or aligned.” and “I’ve taken it that it was very spontaneous
    and free, emphasizing creativity and impulse rather than precision.”


    • Thanks Carol… It toook me a long time to stop being so “perfect” (not that I was, but striving) and as a teacher, I want peeps to see what a mess I make of things too. I have SO much to post — I am drawing and writing but no time to post with my mom at this time.


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