Jantzen Beach Carousel 6, Roman

w16-9-6-ro-jantzen-carousel-trojan-058-sqOne of my favorites, the Roman Horse!

Jantzen Beach Carousel is a series, and this is the sixth and last of this set.
(Below are links to others previously posted.)

The many layers, above.

1) I began with a sketch in pencil, and moved to ink.
I have a greyed version of the carousel, plus a detail of some aspect of the horses,
and the horse itself.  The layout takes time; I play with it.

2) I laid in the Fineline masking fluid (blue) the bits I want to stay clean and white.

3) Grisaille underpainting, using layers of waterproof grey ink in both line and wash to evoke an older time and set shadows.  By using the same grey value ink, I can guarantee
(as much as there are any guarantees in this crazy medium) that the inked carousel background will stay looking the same from image to image in the series.

4) My under-painting begins, bright yellow,
to provide a *pop* and variation of some of my top colors.

5) Layering the final colors begins, being careful not to rush the process, let each layer of watercolor dry completely, and not to layer too much or it gets muddy.

6) All bits of masking fluid were removed, and final details finalized.

w16-9-6-ro-jantzen-carousel-trojan-021 w16-9-6-ro-jantzen-carousel-trojan-032 w16-9-6-ro-jantzen-carousel-trojan-041 w16-9-6-ro-jantzen-carousel-trojan-051w16-9-6-ro-jantzen-carousel-trojan-063 The garland motif overhead is reminiscent of the garland motif over the
inside upper scenic panel: mirror /shield, and raised carved flower patterns.
On the carousel the centers of the flowers were light bulbs.

One of the armored horses (which I am calling my amalgamation Roman Horse)
was given as a gift to owners; I recently was saddened to see it selling on a dealers site.
I hope there are more than one on the carousel.

I guarantee that I will continue to paint more in the series;
I’ve loved creating these images.

These images are donated to raise money for the restoration of the carousel!

Previous Building Images Completed:
Upper Sandy Guard StationWong Laundry Building; Uppertown Net Loft; Rivoli Theater; Fort Rock; Jantzen Carousel Chinese Water Serpent; Jantzen Beach Carousel 2, Grapes;  Jantzen Beach Carousel 3, FloralJantzen Beach Carousel 4, Pinto Fishing;  Jantzen Beach Carousel, 5, Eagle.

Cold Press watercolor paper, with a Pentalic 2B woodless pencil,
Platinum Carbon pen with Platinum Carbon ink and Pilot Parallel pen with
De Atramentis Document black ink;  Fineline Masking fluid;
Sennelier, Holbein, QoR, M.Graham, and Daniel Smith watercolors.

 ©D. Katie Powell.
My images/blog posts may be reposted; please link back  to dkatiepowellart.

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