Holiday Memories at Hearst Castle

W15 12 22 HEARST XMAS 001W05 HEARST SOFA INSTALL 12 MPFCOur business gets us in the
back door to some amazing places.
We conserved the Gothic Sofa for
the Hearst Castle
, near Cambria, California.  We visited just before Christmas to see it installed in William Randolph Hearst’s
private library (between he and Marion Davies bedrooms.
At Christmas the Castle sparkles!

The images in the mini journal fold and push into each other on the back of Mitchell’s “surprise” card!  The fold is across Sasha’s hind end.

Again I had a pen bleed!  Dang!

W15 12 22 HEARST XMAS 002W15 12 22 HEARST XMAS 009 After we curled up in the room in the hotel across the way from the Castle,
we ordered in room service.  The hotel let her stay only if she was not left in the room alone.  So, Sasha was our guest at dinner that evening.
She had been such a good girl staying in the van on the property;
doggie dinner was part of her treat after a run on the beach!  (Bites of human food.)
I think she ordered a prime rib or fried chicken with all the fixings that night
— a doggie celebration!  Cake for us humans…
Hearst doesn’t allow animals on the property but they let her come up with us
behind the gated area because we had lost our dog sitter in town.
She could not get out of the van for even one moment.  They have dogs which are loose in the evening; the scent of an animal on the property would totally mess them up!

(Mitchell’s frame lost about a foot of height!  AAACK!  That dang foreshortening!)

Two more sleeps until Santa’s visit!

Inked sketches on a handmade Arches Journal with a
Pentalic HB woodless pencil, Platinum Carbon pen,
and Greenleaf & Blueberry, Holbein and Daniel Smith watercolors.


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9 Responses to Holiday Memories at Hearst Castle

  1. Your artwork is so enchanting. Cake for humans, yum! xo Season’s Greetings!


  2. sandidureice says:

    It’s the overall impression that counts. Mitchell looks so comfy. Such a chrismasy atmosphere too, and jolly design for a card.


  3. sandidureice says:

    And I like the slight bleed of the ink. It’s in several places. I can see it on the lines of the teapot. If that’s what you mean then it gives the work a soft look. Otherwise, as a viewer, I’m not overcome by pen bleeds here. Happy wet-paint hols.


    • Thank you for the comments — I think sometimes we are too close and also know what “look” we were going for. Sometimes it takes me several days of walking away to figure that I like something! Happy holidays Sandi!


  4. susanissima says:

    Delightful! So happy for you and Mitchell that you were about to see your couch installed and a bit of the castle at Christmas. It’s such a fascinating spread of opulence! Merry Merry-making!


  5. Happy holidays! What an abundance of lovely art!


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