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Squirrel of Judgement

I have no idea if I am infringing on copyright but this cracks me up. Whomever thought of this, thank you for the laugh every time I see it posted. Advertisements

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Whats on Your Workdesk? Wednesday

I don’t know if I’ll do What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday as a regular thang, but here I am on humpday wanting to post about my new space and I happen upon this weekly challenge….. When not painting *sigh* I … Continue reading

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Software Geeks Who Change Things Just Because They Can

Remember when life was much easier at WP? For instance, remember when all you had to do was click on the little chain-linky-symbol to do it all, above? You’d highlight the link phrase, then hit that chain-linky-symbol, choose your I-want-it-to-open-in-another-page, … Continue reading

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Blogspot Users

I play at Paint Party Friday — It is one of the few I participate in as I love the artists down under.  I am writing this so that the artists who are are part of PPF hear about blogspot. … Continue reading

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Tools: Painting with Ink, Disasters

I’ve been experimenting painting with inks, waterproof inks as underlayers with watercolors (below left) and all sorts of inks on entire pieces of art with no watercolors below right). In these cases I was playing it pretty safe, and using … Continue reading

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Brenda Swenson’s Sketching Trip

Love this video — Brenda is an amazing water-colorist!

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Making Your Own Watercolor Pads

I can’t take credit for this wonderful money-saving idea.  Jorge Royan was discussing sketchbooks versus watercolor pads, and a few of us liked pads better than sketchbooks for many reasons.  They are more expensive, but Jorge makes his own! He … Continue reading

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