Crows and more Birds

We started feeding the crows during covid because the people
in the neighborhood that shared their lunch scraps with them were not here…
Then the jays and junkos and finches and even the occasional seagull showed up.
How can we say no?

As it went into winter we got very committed…
Mourning doves showed up too.
Now here is the thing…


They know I feed them, know my “caw caw” and so if there is not food
on the roof they start looking for the window I am in and pushing me to get
the food onto the deck!  Everyone plays nicely, from the smallest birds to the crows though occasionally someone chases someone else, and it is usually
a couple smaller birds going after a crow.  When people start populating the area we will cut back on what we put out on the roof… or start thinking of them as pets!

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2 Responses to Crows and more Birds

  1. lois says:

    The thought of them looking in the windows for you makes me laugh!! **We know you’re in there!!**


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