Amy’s Girls #notinktober

If 2020 can get worse, then electing Amy Coney Barrett will be the icing on the year.

My mother had a good job in the defense industry, writing manuals
for various things she could not talk about.  There were deadlines and overtime
to be had, but she was not eligible.  She was a working single mother, and don’t you know, “the men had families to feed.”  She left her safe and good job at five, and went to work at nights in a bar, scantily dressed, to make ends meet when necessary.

My brother is gay.  In this family, two of us have had long standing relationships whereas the rest were constantly changing partners.  He is one of them, staying in one relationship for 20 years until his partner died, and now in a second for another 20 years.  If she makes it the courts will start reversing his right to love whom he pleases.

I come from a working class, and sometimes welfare family, where the dad was deadbeat, the authorities were not interested in chasing him even though he was
sitting in a cushy job at Cape Canaveral.  Medical bills have put my families finances
in jeopardy many many times.  Insurance costs in two healthy over-60 people means the difference between us saving or not…  If we had ACA for everyone, medicare for everyone, whatever — like most civilized countries in the Western world —
we’d have been able to save about $10K a year for the last decade…
that is $100K in our retirement funds, instead of just squeaking by.

The idea of abortion is also something to be explored.
By definition, and this is already happening in some states,
a mother cannot rid her body of a still born without technically breaking the law.
If you don’t think that there is already shame involved in many women who miscarry, bring up the subject of “how many have miscarried?” at a family gathering
and watch the female hands go up — if they are not ashamed.
There is no reason to be ashamed, but there it is, not discussed.
Now that will be part of what changes, for decisions like this will
no longer be between a doctor and the woman carrying, but between
the state and the men that are in charge.  I shudder to think.
I remember when a friend’s father raped her and she got pregnant and wanted an abortion… it was illegal, and so she went to Mexico, and was never able to have children after the butcher with the coat hanger got hold of her.  She nearly died.
THAT is what these stupid people who call themselves christians
want, a decisive legal ruling on all of it.

This woman and the other Federalist judges are not interested in our Constitution,
for things are spelled out clearly in terms of freedoms,
nor do they give a “christian” rats ass about the poor and lifting up and making equal.  They are NOT Christians, but American Taliban.

Amy Coney Barrett will put the nail in the coffin for women everywhere,
hurt poor people everywhere, and destroy many happy same-sex relationships.

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3 Responses to Amy’s Girls #notinktober

  1. loisajay says:

    well said, Katie. And you know she will assume her position without a fight because that is what he wants. And everyone kowtows and falls in line. What a damn shame.


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