Tools: Mitchell’s Glitter Inks, 3

So I gave you a little taste of Mitchell’s glittery
collection here, with the help of Yamantaka!
Part 2, we looked at the warm shimmers in our collection

Now for the cool inks!

Diamine Shimmer-tastic Lilac Satin ink has won the contest for most beautiful shimmer purple that we own —  Diamine Shimmer-tastic Frosted Orchid ink came in second.
Until I swatched them all I really did not see the difference online.
Lilac Satin has the prettiest base ink, clear beautiful, and a great shimmer!
I’m afraid Diamine Purple Pizzazz really hasn’t got much Pizzazz!  Meh!

I owned PenBBS #103 Hyacinth Macaw ink — even though I am not a shimmer gurl
I had to have it because it is a Macaw Ink!  (Yes I am that easy!)
It is gorgeous, and made me want to try other Pen BBS inks.

We bought a bottle of Diamine Shimmer-tastic Cobalt Jazz ink after loving a sample
of a mislabeled ink…  You can see how close it is to the PenBBS Macaw ink,
though I think the Macaw has a deeper base color.
Diamine Shimmer-tastic Shimmering Seas ink has a nice bit of shimmer
but we found the base ink color blah…

Robert Oster Shake & Shimmer Blue Moon ink is stunning,
both in the phthalo-blue under ink and the shimmer!
J.Herbin Kyanite du Nepal ink has that lovely under base note, and is a touch greener.
It is the most shimmery of the J.Herbin inks we sampled, but still, not as
stunning as Blue Moon… whatever causes the shimmer is nicer in Blue Moon.

J.Herbin 1670 Bleu Ocean ink did not get love from us as
the base ink is fairly dull, and there was little shimmer.
I am surprised at how disappointed I was in the J.Herbin inks,
because I have some lovely bright inks from them and they make great inks
— but not so much the shimmers!

Finally, the greens.  All of the greens we sampled were lovely, and three have already become bottles in our collection because they are such gorgeous inks.

I bought Vinta Inks Collection Gold Dust Piloncitos 1521 Ink…
I love “off” colors (posting soon), and this ink created some beautiful images in tests,
and I am looking forward to the bottle when it arrives.
It is a mysterious green with bronze overtones of shimmer.

Robert Oster Shake & Shimmer Peppermint Candy ink has a teal green base ink and the loveliest green shimmer — Wow!  I love the green shimmer, instead of gold or silver.

Diamine Shimmer-tastic Golden Oasis (Green) ink shocks because the name implies
it is gold!  I know an oasis is usually a fecund place in a desert but really,
they must attach GREEN in their name!  This is a knock -your-socks off cheery green
base with a gold shimmer, and it is Mitchell’s favorite ink…
Diamine Shimmer-tastic Magical Forest ink should get more love — it is a beautiful emerald green base with a silver-green shimmer… but didn’t make the get-a-bottle-cut!

About the quality and clog-ability of these inks…

All of these inks are fairly well behaved with the understanding that
they have a boatload of particles in them.  They do not bleed more than other inks,
most dry a bit slower but not so that you’d notice when writing.

With ALL the shimmer inks the pens have to be “flossed” more often.
You can buy brass sheets from Goulet, but what I love best is
the sheet of plastic that comes with the Pilot Parallel pen!

Running the plastic sheet under the tines every so often moves stuck glitter
and we’ve had no reason to clean but one pen, which was left sitting nib down.
Lay pen on their sides or tip up!

Glitter and the environment…

It matters — glitter harms people during manufacturing and
is terrible for the various water creatures.  It is a plastic material!
What I’ve found so far: Robert Oster and Diamine do not use glitter, but a mineral.
When I review other brands I will check to see what they use…
It is more difficult to get info on the other brands but I have emails out to their sites.

What are your favorite glitter inks?

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