Tools: Mitchell’s Glitter Inks, 2

So I gave you a little taste of Mitchell glittery
collection here, with the help of Yamantaka!

Now I’ll show you our favorites!

I bought a few bottles of inkmasters we know, so we trusted the ink quality,
and some samples for his last birthday, with some fat nibbed pens.
Before glitter inks he liked like fine nibs (I have 15 fine nibs no one wants to use now!)

We both use our shimmery inks in B or 1.5 or 1.9 stub nibs,
and have not had clogging unless we stored them nib down.
Crystal Castle O’Neals is the queen of glitter and suggested
we store the nib up or on their side, and we’ve not had issues since.
I also like to sue a dip pen with the many colors we own;
all the lettering was with a dip pen.

Diamine Shimmer-tastic Moon Dust ink came at the suggestion of Crystal,
and I can never have too much silver or grey ink…
You can see the comparison to Robert Oster Shake & Shimmer Sterling Silver ink
(link to my Inkt Thots review).
Sterling appears to have a cool base, whereas Moon Dust seems to be a warmer grey base.

Both are lovely silvers… and we have them both inked up!

All three of these golds are gorgeous and different.
Robert Oster Shake & Shimmer Aussie Liquid Gold has a clear bright yellow base with a white shimmer that is so different from any other shimmer ink we own, whereas Robert Oster Shake & Shimmer Heart of Gold leans into a dark slightly green-gold.
The latter packs an intense shimmer like none I’ve seen.
Diamine Shimmer-tastic Golden Sands ink is a very toasty gold, leaning orange-red, or for those who are familiar with pigments, it is a companion to Quinacridone Gold!

Robert Oster Glistening Orange Rumble ink looks almost like two inks —
the top shimmer ink has a glilstening white shimmer that sometimes has
a purpley overcast on top of a clear orange base.  Every time I use it I am surprised.

We both preferred Organics Studio
Elements Cysteine Brown Shimmer ink over J.Herbin 1670 Caroube de Chypre ink,
which was not very sparkly!
The Cysteine also has a beautiful strong
brown base, and I find a lot of brown inks
are washed out, but this one is strong!
I have the Cysteine in my wish list to purchase…

We have a bottle of the very beautiful
and festive Robert Oster Shake & Shimmer
Red Gold
ink, and I’m glad we went with
Robert Oster before we sampled.
Again, intense gold shimmer flakes on
a clear red base.  The J.Herbin 1670 Rouge Hematite ink shows nearly the same base,
but is lacking the gold levels.

Stay tuned for part 3, here, tomorrow!


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3 Responses to Tools: Mitchell’s Glitter Inks, 2

  1. loisajay says:

    I am not a fan of orange, but that Glistening Orange Rumble is some kind of pretty! But I am confused–what color comes out of the pen? The shimmery brown or the orange color? I like how you show the two colors but always wondered what color the ink actually was. Thanks, Kate.


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