Word Art: Save the Whales Ocean Your Children

again, i try to get through to the stores where i shop to stop buying lemons, oranges, avocados, brussells sprouts and oh my goddess now even melons packaged in plastic.
birds and fish and whales are all dying from our inability to put our own hand in to fill a paper bag or the bags we bring to the store.  when they are dead, we are dead.
humans may be the stupidest of all creatures.
it REALLY doesn’t take much to buy or sew a bunch of bags,
pop them into a couple of bigger cloth bags, and take them along.

please.  i beg of you.  your children will thank you.

these are two different images of the same theme, slightly different words.

our time is up it may be too late
stop the plastics
stop the pinging
stop the torture
be a good shepard for the gift god/dess gave us
save the humpback save the whale

oceans feed the planet
stop the torture
save the whales
the sun is setting on the time to act
stop dumping plastics

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2 Responses to Word Art: Save the Whales Ocean Your Children

  1. bikerchick57 says:

    I try to not use the plastic bags for produce as much as possible. I throw it in my big bag sans the plastic. There’s just too much of it in landfills, on beaches, in the water, etc.


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