Daily Journal, 3

My favorite WRITING journals?

Personal preferences, and you should try several to find yours.

I like grids or dots best, or blank.
Must take fountain pens… though some bleed can be tolerated — I use fat juicy pens!
I want it big enough to write a lot in, but not too big.
I like bound journals, but not essential.
I like a pockets in a journal, though I can add my own.
I like sturdy closures of some sort.

These red/grey/black Cadic or Okina journals
(above and at the end of Daily Journal, 2) are still my favorite journals.
After trying out several new journals I am going back to them once
I get through some of the others I have bought.
Their size is a bit bigger than the 5×8 (A5 in a Dingbat above) — 7×10 (a true B5).
OE or OKINA NOTEBOOKS (also known as CADIC) can be bought at WetPaint.
Flax may carry them in-store, or contact Bud Felson bud@okinasales.com 505-310-3746

I’ve tried a few journals this year, and other than my
Hahnemühle Nostalgie Sketchbook and Hahnemühle Watercolour Journal,
I’ve only found a couple that meet even half my needs.

I’ve enjoyed Dingbat Journals, but like the little bit bigger size of a true B5.
If I was not going back to Cadic I’d buy more of them.
I wish they had a few more nice colors, but I love that they are environmentally friendly.

And while Archer and Olive makes a beautiful journal, they are just not my cup of tea.
I am using the ones I have for special projects…

I think finding a journal you like is important,
may not be able to be put into words.

Get over that “i’m-not-worthy” feeling of
having a beautiful or wonderful journal

and you don’t have the right or best words to put in it…

What do I do if I start a journal and HATE it?
I repurpose it.  I do not ruin my writing for several months with the dang thing.
I mean more to me than that.
Sometimes it goes into our finish room or some such place for note-taking
(minus my person pages!)

WHERE do I journal?

I like a good spot to journal…
wow my mind immediately
went to the ocean.  But then it would, beachgurl that I am!
Most times it is in bed before
the day starts, or at its end.
Fewer chance of interruptions.
If I am not moved to journal, which is rare, I do it anyway.
I take 15 minutes at beginning
and end of the day and give it a go.
I have a Post-it list of things
to write about at the back but I rarely use it.  I also like to have a clean creative place to journal — and so my painting desk is often a journaling spot in our studio, but…

Never ever at my business desk.  Too distracting.

I also like coffeehouses.  I stay away from bakeries, too tempting.

Also, if I go to a coffee house or travel that is the only time my journal
leaves my home… I really don’t want to lose it.
That is just me.  Toooooo much information in that journal.

You feeling like yours might be read?

I’m not talking about a kid,
or if you live with roommates and peeps come and go.
By all means, in those cases, lock it up.
But I know if I had to worry about my mate not respecting my privacy
I’d have to take another look at my mate!
I personally (not saying you have to be this way) don’t care if Mitchell reads mine
but if I asked him not to he would not… trust is important in mates.

I think it is important that you do not have to edit what you write in your journal.

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