Inky Thots: Krishna Ghat Green

This is my third Krishna ink:
my first two were Krishna colors
(the Indian God of Love and Compassion), which is appropriate for the name of the ink!
*I will review them later!*

Krishna Green Ghat ink is my favorite
so far — I am in love with this amazing ink and ready to buy a second bottle…
So let’s talk about the tiny bottle.
Simple, squatty body, nice shape
for filling pens, does not tip easily —
but too little ink for me!
On the other hand, you can try the
hand-made inks for almost the cost of a sample in some other higher priced inks — so that allows many bottle to be bought!

From their website:
“Krishna Inks is the brainchild of Dr. Sreekumar, a medical professional by day.
He brings his passion from his younger days, when he would grind and turn fountain pens.  Dr. Sreekumar, a believer of the “Make in India” campaign, hand makes these inks at his workshop in Kerala, India also known as God’s own country!”

Remember that others review these inks just for writing;
I am also interested in how they are used for ink-painting!

Properties of Krishna Green Ghat ink:

Krishna Green Ghat ink is crisp on all my papers, even Post-its, no feathering, but dries slowly.  I have it in a wet nibbed pen, but you can see the smear after about 30 seconds, right.  Be ready to blot it if you are in a hurry.  It leaves just a trace of a line when brushed with water;
I consider this a soluble ink, no water resistant.  The brush moves the color, easily, and when scrubbed/rewet it shows all the lovely colors — it is in fact a great shader.  The shading properties make it lovely with which to paint!

I could produce no sheen, but that is okay by me —
Sheen is a fun by product but not the reason I buy an ink.

*Above, watercolors from Daniel Smith.*

When the ink is dispersed on paper towel and water added, the electric yellow come through stronger!

When painting, it first goes on the paper with looking like Sap Green or Green Apatite, above.  When thinned by a watery wash, however, the watercolor comparisons run from brght clear yellow to Green Gold to Sap, my favorite colors!  In watercolors that puts the pigments in the Munsell ranges: From PG36/PY150/Py3 to PG7/PO49; Serpentine and Green Apatite are mineral or Primatek paints.

*For more info on the munsell system, go to this page.  Knowing the pigments can help you not to duplicate watercolors made of the same pigments.*

I was unable to find out if the inks are lightfast, and have not performed my own tests.
Most artists who use ink are making prints of their work —
But ink-painting is becoming more popular so maybe it is time!

Ghat ( घाट ghaat?) are the steps leading to the water’s edge, such as a river or lake.
I am enjoying finding out about the origination of our inky names —
Burning ghats are where cremations occur in India, which I knew,
but I also learned the name “ghati” for stepped hills,
and so I think ghaat घाट itself means stepped, though I could not find corroboration.

My ghati includes steps (ghat) to the water’s edge,
drawn withe a FPR mufti pen (often free with a certain $$ spent at FPR),
to which I added an ultraflex nib!
A waterbrush touched the lines selectively and added color from the nib.

My squirrely friend shows the varying shades of this amazing ink!
I was able to layer a bit if I did it quite fast!
I was a little more patient about allowing layers to dry before adding second layers,
but still had some unplanned blooms on Squirrel.
*I keep hearing “Moose and Squirrel” whenever I write about Squirrel!*

Disclaimer, I bought this ink from Vanness:
no one is paying me to write these reviews.

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2 Responses to Inky Thots: Krishna Ghat Green

  1. You had me when I saw the color GREEN! My favorite color. All the shades and gradients of this one are lovely!


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