Coyote Cries

*warning… sad angry political post*

I love coyotes.  I love animals period.

The feds are going to allow them to be hunted for sport and are even making a game out of it.  I wept.  I am so over the top disgusted by these people.  DISGUSTED.

And I really hate hunting for sport —
as in, kill it for no good earthly reason except the joy of KILLING????
Crap, you are not going to eat the animal.
There is a family story where my brother Patrick was young
and out on the ranch with his gun and killed a porcupine.
My grandma made him strip it so they could eat it…
hard to do, they haven’t much on them, and her conversation with him
about it as he was trying to clean it taught him everything.
She cried.  He cried.  He never hunted for sport.
I grew up with very careful hunters who played by strict rules of engagement.
They only shot what they could eat, watched what was in short supply,
and for sport, cans on the fence, not live animals.

I see this as a prayer that the USA SOMEDAY MIGHT CHOOSE SANITY.
I see this killing-coyotes-for-sport as an war on the feminine.
May not be logical.  But there it is.

I am not holding my breath.
We are a mean vicious stupid people… Only by admitting it can you change it.

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1 Response to Coyote Cries

  1. loisajay says:

    Ugh…no words, Katie.


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