Pentalic: Grisaille Peek-a-boo Sheep

dan-critter-02Dan Antion provided a compelling image for middle of the night insomnia painting.
I love his peeking-at-you sheep.  Next to the bed, I had two mark-making items and frankly it was pretty cold, and I didn’t want to get out to get my travel paints.

w16-12-11-pentalic-dans-sheep-05Both of these were filled with Super5 Frankfurt
(Amazon when they have it or buy from Europe).

w16-12-11-pentalic-dans-sheep-01Layering up with only that lovely grey, I laid in the underpainting.   Then the underpainting began to look like the finished sketch — so I decided to stick with
various greys and a touch of De Atramentis Document Brown ink.

w16-12-11-pentalic-dans-sheep-04The background was in Noodler’s Lexington Grey Ink and Pilot Kiri-Same.

w16-12-11-pentalic-dans-sheep-300Finally, to put the creamy color and the slightly pink ears,
I added the Daniel Smith watercolors.
Final image is scanned, which is why it has a slight change in color.

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19 Responses to Pentalic: Grisaille Peek-a-boo Sheep

  1. loisajay says:

    Your middle of the night insomnia……I could not draw this well in broad daylight after my morning coffee! Such a good one, Kate.


  2. It’s wonderful! I loved the first sketch. 🙂


  3. Linda K says:

    ha-I agree with Lois’ comment. Your sheep drawing is splendid Kate!


  4. The first one is my favorite but they are all delightful ~ love the sheep!

    Wishing you peace in your days ~ ^_^


  5. gillena says:

    Nice. Luv the fun sketches. Happy Holidays 🎄

    Much love…


  6. Lynn Cohen says:

    Delightfully created art! Your subject is wonderful and your rendition of it and the wall in front is terrific.


  7. Oh my gosh, I am almost a year out of date from the other commenters!!! I too love your rendition of the sheep. You are so prolific with your paintings and sketches you make me feel guilty. I really like the spontaneity of what you do, you have accuracy which is something I lack and what holds me back from doing daily sketches. Silly because I should be doing just the opposite! Are your classes on-line, if so where can I find information about them?


    • They will be online within the year (kenahora knock on wood turn three times and spit) 🙂
      Follow me here or on Facebook (link is on the page) and I placed you on my email list (NEVER EVER SHARE WITH ANYONE!)
      And the BEST advice I can give is draw draw draw… doodle sketch play EVERY DAY!


  8. Catherine Uffen says:

    What Daniel Smith watercolours did you add to peek a boo sheep? Also our Super 5 is waterprooof?


    • Hi Catherine. YES, Super5 inks are all waterproof (last I looked) and they also have tested them for colorfastness.
      That image is so old I am not sure, but will take a guess: Daniel Smith Yavapei in the sheep only — the rest is all inks!


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