WWM: Giveaway! Cold Press Hahnemühle PostCards

Giving away to two lucky winners
my favorite middle-of-the-night watercolor surfaces!
Cold Press Hahnemühle PostCards!

In honor of the paper I use most often for the World Watercolor Month challenge,
I’m offering TWO prizes of postcard tins!
(Sorry, USA + Canada only please!)

  My watercolor for today for World Watercolor Month!

Great layers, bold colors pop on the cold press postcards!

The cold pressed is soooo smooth, just enough tooth!

How do I use them?
I know from experience that peeps LOVE getting a hand painted post card.
I’ve been sending them every other day to my mom and she is the hit of the community!
I have sent them with a stamp like a postcard, but I cover the watercolor with
Gamblin’s Cold Wax Medium for protection from the elements.
I rub it on with my finger…   Not 100% safe but helps!
I admit to sending them in an envelope though… I don’t want to risk the weather!

For more information you can visit my review here.

This giveaway will include:

1 tin Hahnemühle
Cold-Pressed Postcards +
(and few Rough Hahnemühle Postcards for comparison)
A tin with a Pentel waterbrush
8 half-pan paints (surprise colors) to make
a complete watercolor experience!

And a goodie or two!

To enter is easy-peasy!
(Sorry, USA + Canada only, please.)
Just comment below with
” I want to win!”
Mitchell and Yamantaka and Savitri
will pick two winners!


Details for Cold Press Hahnemühle Post Cards!


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222 Responses to WWM: Giveaway! Cold Press Hahnemühle PostCards

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  2. Jessica says:



  3. Sarah J Stites says:



  4. Suzy Simanaitis says:

    ❤️ I want to win! ❤️


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  6. karen blakeney says:

    ” I want to win!”
    ” I want to win!”
    ” I want to win!”
    o heck I need to win to cheer me up


  7. Linda Ogle says:

    I want to win!


  8. I want to WIN!
    Thanks for sharing your some of your favourite art supplies 🙂


  9. ” I want to win!” 😊


  10. I want to win. Oh, I sooooo want to win. Thank you for this offer.


  11. Linda says:

    I want to win! Thanks for the opportunity.


  12. Jonathan says:

    I want to win!


  13. Comments and Entries now Closed!


  14. Kathy Berlincourt says:

    Boy do” I want to win this” set. I am new to water color but gosh I’m having fun! I just found you this morning and would truly love to try your paper.


  15. mac diarmid says:

    I really really want to win!


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