Tools: New Cold Press Hahnemühle Post Cards

Loving Hahnemühle Post Cards as I do, I am thrilled to have the cold pressed option!

Fabulous!  Perfect!  I am in love!!

When I started with the first batch of post cards, highly textural,
I loved the size/shape but struggled with the paper, 250 gsm rough texture.
As I worked with it (I am on my third tin), I began to love the texture.
I’ve always loved texture when painting, and this provided a complexity.
Above, you can see a detail of the textural versus the cold pressed.
(Review of Hahnemühle Textured Post Cards here.)

Painting on the cold pressed postcards, I do it just as I have before,
I still secure the edges on a stiff board.

Now bear with me, as I am also playing in
the crazy #30x30directwatercolor2018 challenge… above…
NOT happy with direct watercolor; I miss inked or penciled lines!!!!
Yet look at how lovely the colors look on the image above!
*mind my markmaking not the best*

Great layers, bold colors pop on the cold press post cards!

The cold pressed is soooo smooth, but not smooth like hot pressed,
which would not be interesting to me.  Just enough tooth!

No ink above…. but below…

Ah, back to heavenly linework! 

This is a real test of the post cards, as the ink from the scratchiest fountain pen
glides on the smoother surface!  The paper also takes many layers, as I
dropped and plopped color everywhere, and even removed a wayward run…

Here I used an underlayer of Fineline Masking Fluid,
and the paper worked well with the masking fluid, staying strong.
Look at how deep the Primatek mix appears!
The Da Vinci paints show well on this paper.

I am thrilled to have this option, and will probably buy more of this in the long run than the textural, just because of the linework gliding onto the smoother cold pressed surface.

How do I use them?
I know from experience that peeps LOVE getting a hand painted post card.
I admit to sending them in an envelope though… I don’t want to risk the weather!

Thumbs up, as usual, for Cold Press
Hahnemühle Post Cards!

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10 Responses to Tools: New Cold Press Hahnemühle Post Cards

  1. Beth says:

    How perfectly lovely. I was fascinated with your post, by the way–and what a talented artist you are!


  2. lapaylor says:

    whee! I just found your blog from a link and it’s just what I needed! Thanks lots. Going to follow what you’re doing. I’m a fiber artist mainly but I also paint with glee on paper and fabric.
    Leeanna at not afraid of color, a blog about living the creative life.


    • Leeanna, I am just playing with sewing on a machine… I’ve hated them my whole life but want to do this and that and my husband (upholsterer tailor) is saying, “machine stitch!” Nice site — I wanted to leave a comment but some blogspots won’t let you unless you follow a specific format, and I don’t have a google email. I thought of another site you might love after looking at your art for several pages, from a quilter and bookmaker:


  3. Great to see the comparisons. Thanks for sharing them. Your paintings are wonderful. Great job with the directwatercolor2018 challenge. BTW, I was unable to reply to your comment on my site via email. Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving such lovely comment.



    • Thanks Soma — I am having trouble with my email. From time to time it says that I don’t accept mail from strangers? I do, and can’t find a place that somehow says I don’t. I hate these kinds of bugs!


  4. Wow love what you are doing. These pieces are fantastic.


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