When Palms are Bad

This one is simply overworked.  It doesn’t have the feeling of air coming through
the palm leaves.  I am okay with the ocean, flowers, etc.

This should have been beautiful… Randy Boyd’s photo was gorgeous!
I tried it again…..

In this one. it still is too spindly… doesn’t look like a palm to me.
I know what I wanted, and this is not even CLOSE.

I think showing my duds is good for others who see nothing but gorgeous amazing watercolors.  I know these are not horrid (you can tell what this is after all)
but it is not what I wanted, even close.  Therein lies the problem for me.

What was I going for versus what happened.
For most of us, this is the problem.  Expectations.

A great photo that took my breath away from Randy Boyd, and I just could not loosen up!

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hollywood baby turned beach gurl turned steel&glass city gurl turned cowgurl turned herb gurl turned green city gurl. . . artist writer photographer. . . cat lover but misses our big dogs, gone to heaven. . . buddhist and interested in the study of spiritual traditions. . . foodie, organic, lover of all things mik, partner in conservation business mpfconservation, consummate blogger, making a dream happen, insomniac who is either reading buddhist teachings or not-so-bloody mysteries or autobio journal thangs early in the morning when i can't sleep
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10 Responses to When Palms are Bad

  1. You are so right about expectations. And that said – your paintings ARE beautiful! I’ve been trying to do more art that I just use what is in my head. I may use a reference photo to help make decisions about the placement of objects or color choices, but once I start drawing or painting I put the reference away, and just let it flow. I find myself making rookie mistakes because I don’t have as clear a picture of what I’m going for, but I’m more satisfied with the result.


    • It’s YOU! Okay, how do I follow your blog?
      I also do the same thing… start with the reference then usually set it aside.
      The sketches are close to the layout — but I am frustrated with palms these days because I’ve been drawing them for years but now I want something different….


  2. dweezer19 says:

    I’m sorry you don’t like them Kate. I really like the second one.


  3. dweezer19 says:

    Hehe. We have a lotta palms down here.


    • I’m afraid that and the food are the only things I loved about FL — bugs as big as a house, Bro telling me not to walk outside alone at night (gators), and a warm ocean — But I sure love your pics!


      • dweezer19 says:

        Well the ocean on this side, not so warm. But I prefer warm. No gators beachside. We keep the bugs down and leave the lizards to multiply. They love bugs! The palms took a beating from Irma, so many are literally ‘down’. The fod is where I go cold. Not so good here. No seasoning, no one knows how to properly bread shrimp and fish and you can’t get good sausage for a gumbo or jambalaya. And the prices are ridiculous. I love most that the state is conservation goaled, at least towards preserving the wildlife and reserve areas.


        • I would never kill a lizard or a snake… love both. What is it about beach communities (outside California) and food? oregon has maybe one good restaurant on the entire coast! And no fresh fish! WTH?


  4. dweezer19 says:

    YESS! Isn’t it just nuts. I think they sell it all to inland restaurant suppliers who pay premium prices. We had such marvelous fish in Costa Rica. Wahoo. Woo-hoo!


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