HBG: Squirt!

For most of my life, cats have been deterred and trained with a squirt gun.
These two are not succumbing!
Yaman loves water… more on that later.
Savitri doesn’t like it but she is so tenacious that only a time out works.
She is stalking Sammy, and they are getting along, but sometimes it is just to much to watch our old Sam being stalked… or she decides she is going to go insane under the studio sofa (this is clawing along the bottom) or some new form of cat craziness.
The squirt will not work!!!  What to do?


We are using time outs to calm and change her direction…
That SOMETIMES works!

**i need another way to train them… taking advice!**

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hollywood baby turned beach gurl turned steel&glass city gurl turned cowgurl turned herb gurl turned green city gurl. . . artist writer photographer. . . cat lover but misses our big dogs, gone to heaven. . . buddhist and interested in the study of spiritual traditions. . . foodie, organic, lover of all things mik, partner in conservation business mpfconservation, consummate blogger, making a dream happen, insomniac who is either reading buddhist teachings or not-so-bloody mysteries or autobio journal thangs early in the morning when i can't sleep
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10 Responses to HBG: Squirt!

  1. dweezer19 says:

    Yikes. Poor Sammy. I wouldn’t know. Our cats were always outside. Good luck Kate!


  2. loisajay says:

    Good luck with this, Kate. Parker loves water so much that when I change the water in her and Teemu’s water bowls each morning, I let the faucet run so she can play in the water while I get their breakfast. Yes, she failed ‘Squirt 101.’


  3. bikerchick57 says:

    We tried the squirt gun on Gibbs, to keep him off the counters and cupboards, and it did work. However, it didn’t work at 4 a.m. when he gets rowdy because of wanting me to get up and feed him. I have no idea other than to separate them when things get out of hand. I’ve done that when Gibbs and Ziva are having a free-for-all and Ziva is acting like he’s killing her. It doesn’t stop him from doing it again, though.


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